Magical Wedding Moments To Make Your Day


I love weddings (surprise!). One of my favourite things to do is look at wedding photos and watch those special wedding moments. The romantic look on the couple’s faces. A candid moment captured by the photographer. The couple having fun with their wedding party. A romantic kiss. There are so many magical moments that take place on the Big Day, and I love seeing how photographers capture them.

So, today I’ve gathered a handful of my favourites. The Irish photographers featured today are absolutely fantastic at capturing a stolen glance between the couple. They document the love shared between the couple and their nearest and dearest. And most importantly, they take beautiful memories and make them last forever.

So today, I hope you enjoy looking at these magical moments…

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Andrew Mackin Photography

Colin Colleran Photographer

David Maury Photography

Ebony & Pearl Photography

Eric Molimard Photography

Frame Hunters

Ian Moore Photography

Janet Meehan Photography

Kevin Morris Photography LIPPA

Lopez Photography

Photography by Jessica

Reflections Photography

Sean Jefferies Photography

StephenMac Photography

White Amber Photography

Wojciech Koza Photography