Make Your Wedding Day Kid Friendly & Fun

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kids at weddings

There are so many decisions to make in the lead up to your wedding day, and for lots of couples deciding whether or not to invite kids is a big one. If you’ve decided you do want the little ones celebrating at your day, it’s a great idea to have some activities arranged for them to keep them happy – and you’ll get big brownie points from the parents too! 

First things first, just because you’re inviting little ones to your day does not mean you have to change the look or feel of your day, just add a few little bits to it for all round entertainment. Planning ahead and being smart in your choices will make it plain sailing for all involved. Today we’ve got some great tips and tricks to make sure all your guests are happy, big and small… 

Featured image: Ken Byrne Photography

Consider childcare 

There are lots of amazing childcare companies who offer wedding day packages. Not only do they take away any complications, but most offer fabulous activities for children, so they’ll have fun and be well cared for. Check out our recommended suppliers to begin your search. 

Have a space for parents and kids

Don’t forget the really tiny wedding guests, not only the ones who are able to run around and play. A quiet space away from the main hustle and bustle of a wedding day will be loved by mums who are breastfeeding and will be a perfect space for tiny tots who enjoy a little calm. 

Don’t dither over the photos 

If the children attending are part of the bridal party try really hard to keep the photos they’re involved in as short and sweet as possible. Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot, a smiling face of a happy child will be much better to look back on! 

Create a kids only zone 

If your venue has available space consider creating a kid zone away from the main reception space. A few cosy bean bags and some games will be just the ticket for hours of fun away from the boring parents! Don’t forget you will need the area to be supervised by a responsible adult! 

Gift kid party bags 

Include things like colouring pencils, little games and books at each child’s table setting to ensure they have activities to get them through the meal. A personalised treasure hunt is always a winner for older kids. 

Don’t forget kid-friendly meals 

Chances are those little mites won’t fancy the sea bass on the menu! Ensure they get a good meal by prearranging a children’s menu that will suit the age range you’ve invited.