Hen Partying At Home

Hen Party

So, it’s supposed to represent your last night of freedom, a night shared with your nearest and dearest friends. We all know weddings are a pricey business and if you can’t justify the price of another night away for your hen do, never mind ask all your friends to chip in; what do you do? Staying at home for your hen party is becoming an increasingly popular option for Irish brides, especially those who aren’t big drinkers or don’t feel like like painting the town red. Read on for our tips and ideas on the hosting the hottest hen do in town!

The Basics

Sleeping arrangements, food and drinks, a theme, and activities should all be taken care of before any guests step foot inside your door.

Sleeping Arrangements

Firstly you should decide will you host an evening event (where your guests head home afterwards) or will you have a grown up sleepover? Unless you are very lucky to live in a sprawling mansion, chances are you won’t have room for your closest 30 friends, so if you decide on a sleepover, try to keep numbers down – the more intimate the better, in other words, choose your absolute closest friends and family. You could always ask your guests to each bring their own pillow and sleeping bag and really go to town on the whole grown-up sleepover idea!

Food and Drink

With sleeping/going home arrangements in place, turn your attention to food and drinks. You could always ask each guest to bring some food and a bottle to keep costs down. A buffet type meal where everyone brings a dish is a great option, and not too costly on anyone, or there’s always the option of ordering in from your favourite take away. Be sure to give details in advance to ensure your guests bring any necessary cash along – the last thing you want is to get landed with a take away bill for everyone.

Ensure you have some nibbles, soft drinks and few bottles of wine in the house as backup in case some guests turn up empty handed.

Don’t forget the next morning’s food – you hardly want to send your guests home on an empty stomach.


Once you’ve decided on a theme for your hen at home, you may chose to decorate your home accordingly, and also taking into account the activities you have planned – low candlelight for relaxing beauty treatments or a disco ball and lights for a fun and raucous party!


Theme Ideas

Your party will run smoother if you have pre-decided games and activities sorted. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Spa evening – you could ask your favourite beautician if she could come and give all the girls manicures, a mini facial and teach you all how to give a good back massage. Maximum fun and if you like, whilst dressed in your PJs!
  • Crafts, cake and cocktails – Get one bridesmaid to be in charge of each area. There are endless fun craft activities for hens to make and do, so why not get your Blue Peter badge on and give it a go! Incorporating making some DIY wedding décor element is a great way off getting something ticked off your to-do list whilst having fun with your gal pals. You can’t go too far wrong with cupcakes – ask for yours to be personalised to mark the occasion, and while you’re at it what about your own signature cocktail?
  • Sing along movie event – Put on your favourite movie to sing along to, whether it be Grease, Hairspray, Mama Mia or even High School Musical, get the bubbles flowing and the popcorn in. Fun and laughter guaranteed.
  • Karaoke night – Let go of all your inhibitions, borrow your friend’s little kid’s karaoke machine and turn up the volume on the night.


  • Quiz night – You know the game show Mr & Mrs? With a bit of planning your bridesmaids could make you be the star of your very own show! If this seems like too much planning what about childhood favourites Monopoly, Scrabble or Jenga, all with a wedding twist?
  • Could you hire a hot tub? Warm bubbles from a hot tub plus cold bubbles in a glass = perfect night!!

Brides, remember just because you are hosting does not means you have to do it all yourself – delegate some jobs out to your bridesmaids, that’s what they’ve been given their role for, after all!!

Or if you feel like handing it over to the experts, Irish businesses like Girls Night In and Plan My Party could be an option.

Do you fancy cutting back and staying at home for your hen party or just fancy something more intimate and low key? Hopefully, with our advice and ideas you can create a remorable night to remember!