Top Ten Bridal Dress Shopping Tips with Lamelia Bridal Studio

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Lamelia Bridal Studio

Are you searching for your bridal dress? Today we’ve enlisted the help of Dawn from Lamelia Bridal Studio in Sligo to help you find the one. 

This premier bridal studio is based outside Sligo town on the main Sligo to Ballina road (N59), and their main focus is to ensure your bridal shopping is a truly memorable once in a lifetime experience. You will be given the undivided attention of their experienced bridal consultants as they guide you through their stunning range of bridal gowns. The studio offers brides a range of wedding dresses from world renowned design houses which have all been carefully selected.

With a wealth of experience in helping brides find their dream gown, today Dawn shares her top ten tips for brides to consider before they begin wedding dress shopping. 

Lamelia Bridal Studio

  1. A year in advance is plenty of time to start shopping for the dress of your dreams. If you look too far in advance you may not be in the mode and could easily miss your dream dress as you may not be focused.
  2. Keep an open mind, 90% of ladies choose a dress completely different to what they originally expected.
  3. Limit the people you decide to bring dress shopping with you. Choose the closest people to you, someone that will give an honest opinion and respect what you like. Everyone has different taste and too many opinions can sometimes cloud a bride’s judgment.
  4. Choose a dress that reflects your personality. You will be stunning in most wedding dresses however it is important to pick a dress that’s you!
  5. Wear appropriate underwear, it’s amazing the difference a good pair of underwear make in a dress. Lamelia Bridal Studio
  6. Don’t get caught up in trends or what’s in or out of fashion. Choose a dress that is timeless, in ten years when you are looking back over your wedding album you will still love your dress.
  7. Choose a wedding dress that you love, that you feel the most beautiful and confident you have ever felt before. Imagine in your head walking up the aisle the morning of your wedding, if you can picture it then it’s the dress.
  8. Research three or four bridal studios with excellent reputations and reviews. Don’t overdo the shopping as you may get confused.
  9. Don’t get bogged down on bridal sizes. The sizing varies greatly in wedding dresses, some designers are bigger fitting and others are very small fitting.
  10. Be happy, enjoy the whole experience, it should be the happiest times of your life.

Thanks to Dawn for sharing her expert knowledge with us! You can check out more information (and gorgeous gowns!) available from Lamelia Bridal Studio, here.