Ten Bridal Beauty Tips To Remember

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Over the years we’ve chatted to lots of Irelands fabulous beauty and make-up artists. These magicians are always brimming with helpful tips and advice for making the most of your natural beauty. Today we’re excited to be sharing some of their secrets. Whilst some of them are simple steps to achieve a flawless Big Day look, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the little things that make all the difference. 

1. The earlier you begin to plan and prepare your beauty regime, and indeed, choosing your make-artist, the less stressful the process will be. Looking after yourself and your skin should be an enjoyable process, and one every one of us should indulge in. 

2. Drink lots of water – yes, an oldie but a simple rule. Hydrated skin equals beautiful, glowing skin. Your complexion will brighten simply by upping your water intake, and of course it’s great for your general health and wellbeing as well. 

Bridal Beauty Tips To Remember

Sinead and Ciaran | Laura and Benny Photography | Sheena from Flawless Mobile

3. Invest in your skincare – a great skincare regime is pivotal to your skins looking its best on the wedding day. Your bridal make-up will apply easier and last much better with a great base. Getting your at home skincare perfect is vital and something your beautician can help you achieve. Having a monthly facial during the run up to your day is also a great idea. 

4. Research your bridal make-up artist – the process of finding your perfect MUA isn’t something you should leave to the last minute! They are fabulous at what they do and will make all the difference to your overall look. A great place to begin is by checking out our Make Up and Beauty suppliers. Read reviews, and ensure whoever you decide on has expertise in bridal make-up. The professionals will understand how your skin will appear behind the lens of a hi-def camera, what products to use and not use. Ultimately you want to trust you are in safe hands on your wedding morning. 

5. Make time for a make-up trial – most bridal MUA’s will include a bridal trial in their overall package. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know your artist and discuss any worries or questions you might have, whilst getting all dolled up! The trial is also a great time to let your MUA know about the final maids and flower colours to create a uniform overall look for the day. 

 Bridal Beauty Tips To Remember

Bruce and Rebecca | The Fennells | Aimee Connelly

6. Don’t forget the season you’re getting married in – there is a big difference in make-up for summer and winter weddings. Summer brides tend to choose softer colours with pinks, peaches and a brighter palette, whilst winter brides tend to choose a darker palette that may include a smokey eye and red lip to reflect the season. 

7. A touch up bag is a great idea – include a few key items such as lipstick, lipgloss and setting powder. 

8. Don’t forget a spray tan trial – we bet over the years your MUA has witnessed lots of fake tan disasters! You want a subtle glow, not a beaming look! Every skin type will react to different brands in different ways so it’s best to do your homework and find the perfect tan for you. 

Bridal Beauty Tips To Remember

Nicholas and Donnie | Art Wedding Photography | Cathleen and Wendy from Cat’s Mobile

9. Steer clear of bridal trends, a timeless, elegant look will look better for years to come as you look back on your photos. Don’t be tempted, listen to your MUA’s advice! 

10. Be you! The best look you can have on your wedding day is a confident look. If you wear a red lip daily, then don’t be afraid to have it on your day. Chat to your MUA about what colours you love and don’t love and take on board their advice, that’s why you’ve chosen them after all! 

(Featured image: Michael and Danielle | Bokeh Photography and Film | Makeup by Sophie)