Our Staff Share Their Best Wedding Planning Advice and Photos From Their Weddings

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I love hearing wedding planning and marriage advice from the pros; married people! And even better when said married people are wedding experts. So, I asked my fellow weddingsonline colleagues to share their best wedding planning advice. I even convinced them to let me share their beautiful wedding photos!

I had goosebumps the entire time I was reading through these notes from my colleagues. There’s a lot of gold in here.

Want to hear some incredibly practical tips from the weddingsonline staff? Take a peek below…


Caroline Dunne

Wedding Advisor / HIGM Administrator

Wedding date: 8th September 1990


Wedding planning advice:

Do your research on all suppliers before paying deposits and make sure everything discussed and agreed upon is in a signed contract.

Keep a checklist of everything that needs to be booked, from your venue to your tan and nails, and tick them off as you go.

Not everything will go to plan, don’t sweat the small stuff.


Marriage advice:

Intimacy and romance are super important to a successful marriage. Prioritise quality alone time together, physical affection, hugs and romance. Always remember those first butterflies and keep the spark alive by expressing love and appreciation regularly and finding ways to keep your relationship fresh, exciting and fulfilling.

Love, trust and respect. Trust is the foundation your marriage is built on. Be reliable, keep your promises and try to never break your partner’s trust. Respect each other’s opinions and boundaries and individuality. Although you’re a couple you are each still your own individual person. Grow together and compliment each other as you grow.

Always say “I love you”, “I appreciate you” and “I’m sorry for my part in any argument”. Married life brings so many beautiful happy times, it also brings hard times and they are the times that make us stronger as a couple. We’re all human and all make mistakes sometimes, so forgive and ask for forgiveness.



Ciara McStay

Customer Success Manager
Wedding date: 29th May 2014


Wedding planning advice:
Subscribe to a wedding website’s planning tools where you can create your to do list and budget tracker and check items off as you go. Don’t involve too many people in the planning as too many opinions cause stress. Look after your physical and mental health along the way.


Marriage advice:
The wedding day is just that, one day (or a weekend if like me you love a day two party) but marriage is for life. Whether you are getting married in a church or not, a pre-marriage course or counselling is a good idea to de-stress before the big day and make sure your goals in life align. Marry your best friend and never go to bed on an argument.



Caroline Molloy

Customer Services Manager
Wedding date: 7th September 1992


Wedding planning advice:
It’s your day and have the wedding you both want, everyone will have opinions but remember it’s all about the two of you. And get a videographer. Ours was an amateur one as it was so long ago, but along with the photos it is very precious as so many people in it are no longer with us.


Marriage advice:
Keep talking to each other, even when you are angry or upset. Every day. And never let the kids play you off one against the other, they will definitely try!



Charlene Pigott

Client Support & Events Manager
Wedding date: 9th October 1990


Wedding planning advice:
Remember that a wedding is just one day and your marriage is for a lifetime! Take time out regularly to enjoy each others company, WITHOUT talking about wedding planning! 30 plus years on, we still look at our photos and video, invest in both so you can relive the memories for many years to come.


Marriage advice:
Don’t do life together 50/50, be 100% for each other!  There will be times in life when one of you will be running on empty, step in with great love and fill the gap. Have each other’s back, be each other’s biggest fan, show them you love them in as many different ways as you can (even if that’s emptying the dishwasher without being asked, leaving the toilet seat down, arranging a babysitter and taking your wife out for dinner, or even sending the kids out for a sleepover!)



Kelly Hartmann

Social Media and Editorial
Wedding date: 1st May 2015


Wedding planning advice:

Use a checklist to keep track of everything you need to do.

Work with suppliers you like.

Don’t try to do things on the cheap.

Don’t allow wedding planning to consume your life – stick to date night, hangout with your friends and ask them about their lives too.

Hire a good quality photographer and videographer because you will enjoy reliving these memories for years to come.


Marriage advice:

Do your best to go to bed together every night.

Pee with the door closed.

Learn to apologise quickly.

Marry your best friend and laugh together as often as possible.



Keith Kingston

Technical Director
Wedding date: 19th June 2000


Wedding planning advice:
Book suppliers early and don’t be tempted into last minute additions, to make the day itself as stress free as possible.


Marriage advice:
Keep talking!



Elaine Loftus

Wedding Advisor / HIGM Administrator
Wedding date: 7th October 2016


Wedding planning advice:

Always remember it’s your day (do it your way). Take on advice with a smile but do what’s best for you.
Write down a checklist and then between yourselves, decide what’s most important and start working on that. Otherwise it can become very overwhelming.

Marriage advice:
As cheesy as it is, be each other’s best friend. Have your regular date nights, spending time enjoying things together.
No marriage is a walk in the park, it’s a consistent effort on both sides to keep loving each other and respecting each other. Sometimes, that can be hard work when you’re going through tough times, but if you remember to love and respect each other, you’ll always get back to the amazing couple you are.


“Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – J.K. Rowling