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8 Top Tips for choosing your Wedding Music

Paul from Milehigh Wedding Band offers his advice on choosing your Music for your Wedding

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Recipe for a Happy Marriage

A fun poem full of wisdom – the secret ingredients to a happy marriage. Take some time every now and again appreciate what it takes to make a marriage work.

The Truth about Wedding Planners

Annie Byrne from Aislinn Events discusses the advantages of using a wedding planner to help organise your wedding in Ireland

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Jim Hjelm Bridal Collection 2010 – Ruffles & Other Stories

Jim Hjelm Bridal Collection 2010 is for the bride who loves lace and razor-sharp ruffles.

Fashion & Jewellery
The Europa Hotel: Belfast City Centre Chic

The Europa Hotel in Belfast city centre: if we could, we’d give it at least 16 thumbs up.

Top Fashion Trends of 2010 – Bridal Edition

Attention brides – top fashion trends of 2010 are right here.

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Tips from Tink

Our guest blogger Tinkerbelle Bride gives some top wedding tips she’s learned while she was planning for her wedding.

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Swoon-worthy Engagement Photos by The Bridal Lounge

Yes, you can have swoon-worthy engagement photos just like this.

Irish Wedding Customs and Traditions

Beautiful Irish wedding customs and traditions you may want to add to your own wedding.

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Wedding Traditions: Something Old, Something New…

Something old, something new, something meaningful? Enjoy our recap of wedding traditions.

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Breakfast for Dinner? Why Not?!

Don’t say no to breakfast for dinner just yet. See these amazing wedding pictures first.

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Ceremony Advice: Order and Duties

The quick and simple wedding run-down. By Lindsie Rowe

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How To Make Your Wedding Truly Personal

Make your wedding truly personal by including things that mean a lot to BOTH of you.

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How to Prepare the Perfect Groom Speech

Make the bride swoon and the parents sigh with happiness with these tips for the perfect groom speech.

The Groom
Formal Wedding Invitation Wording

The ins and outs of invitation wording can get complicated. Fear not, WOL has the ultimate guide to wedding stationery, no matter how tricky your situation!

Décor & Flowers
12 Month Catholic Mass Checklist

When it comes to a Catholic wedding, each detail is as important as the next. Follow this Catholic mass checklist for a beautiful, stress-free ceremony.

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Is a Wedding Abroad Right For You?

Ask the right questions to find out the answer to this one: is a wedding abroad right for you?

Destination Weddings
Introducing the Dessert Table! The Sweetest Trend in Weddings

Why have one dessert when you can have many? Introducing the dessert table – the sweetest new thing in weddings.

6 Inspiring Engagement Photo Themes

Engagement photo themes are just like wedding cakes – so many to choose from, but one out there is right for you! Is it one of these?

The Meaning of Your Wedding Bouquet

Vivid colours and various shapes make up the gorgeous flowers that we carry down the aisle, but did you know that each flower carries with it a symbol of how you and your new partners life together will play out? If you’re superstitious at all, here’s your guide on how to pick out the precise message you want to send out on your wedding day via a simple flower.

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