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Planning Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Crisis – It’s Possible!

We won’t lie, the Coronavirus is the current topic of conversation and lots of people are worried. If you are feeling unsettled and uncertain about the future, we’re here to bring some encouragement today. It’s totally possible to plan your wedding during this crazy time. In fact, with more time on your hands, now may be the best time to be inspired. We’ve got some encouraging words from our suppliers (below) as well as some super practical ways to keep inspired. Our suppliers are being super creative during the Coronavirus crisis and offering some fantastic ways to stay in touch with them digitally!



“Weddings will still go ahead eventually, so keep planning and reading reviews of your favourite suppliers. If you still want to have the wedding this year, aim for dates late in the year and be open to the idea of a mid-week wedding.
What’s another year?! You will have more time to save up for it and may even be able to have a bigger wedding with some nice extras you mightn’t have been able to save for this year.” – Occasion Cars


“With what has been going on around the world the last few weeks has given me an opportunity to pause and reflect, to remember back to my own wedding and fondly remember the day and the people I shared it with, some who now are no longer with me, either through passing or time got in the way and distance grew.

I’m trying to look at the pandemic as an opportunity to slow down and for once, in a very long time live in the present moment than at some other point in my life. My heart goes out to all the brides and grooms who have dreamt of their big day for months or even years. Who are busy trying to reschedule their day, whilst frantically worrying that this virus will stay away from their loved one’s doors.

We will get through this, I’ve already seen so much love and caring from people in their communities rallying together, your suppliers will also rally together to do their utmost best to make this transition as easy as possible. And once this is over, I have a feeling it will be a better world and that we will appreciate our loved ones and friends that little bit more.” – Michelle O’Hare


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Finding wedding inspiration

Let’s face it, a lot of us are spending a heck of a lot more time online than ever before, because we’ve got more time on our hands. This is the best time to start soaking up all the wedding inspiration you can!

Wedding blog inspiration

Our blog is full of wedding planning inspiration [You can check it out here]. We share beautiful real wedding stories each week, so you can see what real couples are doing! If you’re looking for decor, flowers, colour schemes, or anything else to inspire you, we’ve got it too.

Instagram prettiness

We just love sharing pretty things on Instagram too! Follow @weddingsonline to see gorgeous real wedding photos, stunning dresses, wedding planning tips, and more pretty things.

Join the community

Our Facebook Group [HIGM ( – Help! I’m getting married)] is the place to be! With thousands of members, this community is where you want to be if you want advice from couples like you. Ask questions, give support to others, and connect with the wider community.



How to find the best suppliers in the country

You may be accustomed to attending wedding showcases and events. While those are on hold, there are plenty of other ways you can find suppliers and connect with them!

Supplier directory

Our supplier directory is full of amazing wedding suppliers who are ready to make your wedding dreams come true! This directory isn’t just a list of suppliers, it’s so much more than that. You can view each supplier’s profile and see verified reviews from couples.

Service finder

If the idea of contacting suppliers one at a time sounds daunting to you, we don’t blame you. In fact, we created a tool to help eliminate this tedious process. Our Service Finder allows you to contact multiple suppliers at one time.



Connecting with suppliers online

2020 is the year of online connecting! Sure, we may be forced into forgoing our usual supplier coffee meet-ups, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many suppliers are creating the option to connect online via video call and some have come up with creative solutions to solve your wedding planning dilemmas during this uncertain time.

Virtual Personal Shopping with Louis Copeland | View Profile

They are offering Virtual Personal Shopping where a member of staff will FaceTime with you, help you find what you are looking for, and post it out to you. You can book your appointment here.

If you are looking for a Made to Measure suit or garment, they are happy to meet you in store for a private appointment (as the store will be closed, you can rest assured that you will be one of a handful of people in the store). You can book your appointment here.

View Wedding Cars via Video Showcase with Occasion Cars | View Profile

The team at Occasion Cars have created a YouTube Channel and made a short video showing people around their cars so they can view them without having to meet in person. View their video here!

A Commitment Ceremony with Rhona Cullinan | View Profile

Rhona Cullinan is offering to do a Commitment Ceremony on your original wedding date … in your own home or garden, or a nearby park or open-spaced area (weather permitting) for just you both / and or kids. Contact her for more details! 
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Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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