Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Cake Maker

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When you’re planning your wedding, you’ll notice you’ve got tons of decisions to make. One of the most fun things you’ll do is choose your wedding cake! But how do you choose the perfect wedding cake maker? Part of the process includes tasting cakes (yum), choosing the prettiest cake shapes and the cutest cake topper, but there’s so much more to this decision than that!

Wondering how to get all the information you need? Well, here’s our list of all the questions you should ask your wedding cake maker…

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Where do you look for inspiration?

Wedding cake makers are artists! Just like other artists, they find inspiration everywhere. You want to choose a cake maker who doesn’t just look their competitors to replicate others’ ideas, but rather someone who finds ideas in the most unlikely places. This question isn’t designed to be a trick question, but an opportunity to get to know your cake maker!


Could you show me your portfolio of past work?

Take your time when looking through galleries of other cakes your cake maker has created. If there’s something in particular that you see and you absolutely love, take note. Ask how they’ve personalised cakes in the past so you know what to expect with your very own wedding cake.


How many cakes do you make per week or per day?

Often, when things go wrong it’s because the wrong cake was delivered or the right cake was delivered on the wrong day. This can happen when a wedding cake maker works with multiple events at a time and delegates tasks to their staff. It’s not a bad thing at all but it can increase the chance of mistakes so it’s a question worth asking.


When do we need to finalise our wedding cake order?

If your wedding cake maker has a limit to how many bookings they can take in a week or day (which most do!), once you find the one you love, book them immediately and pay your deposit.


What is your delivery process?

You really want to know how your wedding cake will get from point A to point B. Will it arrive partially assembled or fully decorated? These details are particularly important if you are getting married outdoors in Summer (where will the cake be stored during the day and how will the finishing touches – like flowers or a cake topper – get added to the cake if it’s stored in a fridge?).


Who will make my wedding cake?

In some instances, it’s one person who creates the cake from start to finish. Other companies have one person who does the baking and another person who does the decorating. Neither option should impair the quality of your cake, but you want to know you are speaking with the right person at any given moment.


How much cake should we order?

It’s one thing to have a gorgeous wedding cake, and it’s another thing to realise you haven’t ordered enough! Talk to your wedding cake maker about your guest count and any other dessert you’ve got planned (including a sweets buffet, a plated dessert, donut wall or any other treats guests will enjoy after dinner).


Do you provide cake stands?

Many cake makers will have cake stands you could buy or rent for your wedding day. Ask to have a look at photos to decide which cake stand will be a good match for your cake and decor.


Do you provide a cake tasting package?

A cake tasting is highly recommended! All bakers handle cake tastings differently, so it’s important to ask if this is a possibility, whether it’s included in your overall cost or if it’s a separate cost.


How are your cakes priced?

It may be impossible to know the final price of your wedding cake, particularly if you are opting for a bespoke design. However, you can ask for a starting price, so you have a rough idea of how much to budget. You may be charged by the slice, by the tier, based on the size of the cake, based on the complexity of flavours and fillings, or by how detailed the design is.


What is a cake cutting fee?

Some venues charge a cake cutting fee (similar to corkage, where you’d bring in your own wine). You should definitely confirm with your wedding venue, but your cake maker may have information about what to expect.


What are my filling choices?

The filling of your cake will be have an impact on the taste and texture and the type of ingredients will affect your budget.


Do you use fondant or buttercream?

Some cake makers only work with fondant and others only work with buttercream, while some work with both! If you’ve got a preference, check if this is an option!


Can you work with my florist?

If you’d like to have fresh flowers on your cake, confirm whether or not your wedding cake maker will work with your florist to make this happen (most will).


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