Rain On Your Wedding Day? No Problem! Do This!

Planning & Advice

Gasp! It looks like it’s going to rain on your wedding day! It can feel like all your plans are ruined and it’s the absolute end of the world, but trust us, it’s not. There’s so much you can do to plan around rain on your wedding day and still have the best day ever!

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Use a weather forecast app

Unfortunately, the weather is completely out of our control, but there are some apps you can use to ease your anxiety. These weather forecast apps are brilliant for helping you to predict the weather and plan accordingly.


Rain is good luck

Did you know that rain on your wedding day is good luck because it means your marriage will last? You’re going to hear this a lot if it rains on your wedding day! Sure, it won’t calm your nerves entirely, but who doesn’t want to have good luck on their Big Day?


Create a plan with your venue

If you are aware that it may rain your wedding day, then talk about this possibility with your wedding venue. They host weddings every week so they are likely to have a backup plan. This might be moving the wedding inside or offering a covered outdoor option.


Hire a marquee

Dead set on hosting an outdoor wedding? If your venue will allow it, consider hiring a marquee. There are plenty of options that will allow you and your guests to enjoy the beautiful views!


Add romantic lighting

With gloomy skies making the atmosphere a little darker than you planned, include candles and extra lighting! This soft glow will illuminate the space and will make your wedding feel cosy and romantic.


Be prepared to shift your timeline around

You might have rain for the entire day or just for 20 minutes. Rain can be unpredictable and sometimes it’s worth waiting to see if it’ll stop. Be ready to shift your timeline around if this is what you’d like to do. Your day-of coordinator can assist you with this!


Get lots of umbrellas

Whether you hire them in or ask guests to bring their own, don’t forget to have rain supplies to keep guests dry! Nobody wants to arrive at a wedding only to be forced to sit outside and get soaking wet. Help guests get or stay dry with blankets, towels and heaters.


Talk to your hair and makeup artist

The rain and wind can completely mess up your perfectly planned wedding beauty look. To keep your hair and makeup looking fabulous all day long, consider an updo and waterproof makeup.


Don’t let it ruin your day

There’s only so much you can do to prepare ahead of time. Decide before your wedding that no matter what the weather is like, it’s going to be a beautiful day! If you’re up for it, embrace the rain and get some gorgeous outdoor shots.