Rules For Plus Size Wedding Dress Shopping

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Curvy brides, this one’s for you! We’ve got some amazing tips for your plus size wedding dress shopping experience. Want to make sure you get the most out of wedding dress shopping? Then take a look at our tips and rules below.

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Do your homework

Take some time to familiarise yourself with dresses you have worn before and what made you feel beautiful. Is there a silhouette or dress shape that flatters you and helps you to look your absolute best? Take note of that. Are you drawn to certain colours, textures and fabrics that will make you feel like a queen?


Take your time

Wedding dress shopping should never be rushed! Give yourself at least eight months to find the right dresses. This will give you enough time to find the perfect dress and then have any alterations done. Please don’t wait to start shopping once you’ve lost weight (more on this down below).


Visit boutiques that specialise in plus sizes

Wedding dress shopping is fun, but it can be stressful, no matter your size. For curvy brides, it can be even more stressful. This is why we recommend visiting boutiques that specialise in plus size wedding dresses. They know and understand plus size brides’ needs and will have an amazing selection of dresses in the right sizes.

Not sure where to start? Check out these plus size wedding dress boutiques!


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Go to a boutique where you can try on dresses

Seems obvious, right? Don’t visit boutiques where you’ll only get to look at wedding dresses. Plus size wedding dress shopping should always include ample opportunities to try on wedding dresses so you know what you look and feel best in.


Choose your entourage wisely

This is a tip we’d share with all brides – don’t bring everybody with you. The fewer opinions in the room, the easier it will be for you to choose what you look and feel best in. For curvy brides, this is even more important because you want to surround yourself with only those who will help you to feel like the confident and gorgeous bride that you are.

Tip: tell your entourage what you’re looking for and establish some personal boundaries (for example, no comments about your weight and size).


Don’t pay attention to sizes

Bridal sizing might not match up with your actual size. In fact, it’s quite common for brides of all shapes and sizes to choose a dress that’s a couple of sizes bigger than what they usually wear. If this happens, just know that it’s not because of you and your body – it happens to everyone. Instead, focus on the look and fit, not the size of your dress.


…but don’t buy something too small

We’ve said this before and we will say it again: buy a wedding dress that fits you. Don’t be tempted to buy a dress that’s a size or two smaller so you can lose weight and fit into your dream dress. No matter what size or shape you are, this is not a level of stress and pressure you need to add to your already full wedding planning journey. Remember that you are already wedding dress ready!


The Wedding Boutique


Have an open mind

By the time you get to your wedding dress appointment, you’ll probably have already explored the most flattering silhouettes for your shape. We love that, but don’t hold back from trying on style you wouldn’t usually consider. You just never know what will make you look and feel awesome!


Be inspired by plus size models and brides

Want to know what wedding dresses look like on real plus size brides? Then stop looking at wedding dresses that fit a smaller frame. Wedding dresses will hug curves in a completely different way than they do on a non-plus size person.


Choose something you are comfortable in

You want to spend your wedding day in a dress that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable. This will allow you to do all the things you need and want to do on your Big Day. If your dress is a bit small or you’re worried about your cleavage popping out, this is what you’ll be focused on all day.


Come prepared

Here are a few things to bring along with you:

  • Your wedding shoes, or at least a pair of heels that is roughly the height of the wedding shoes you’ll buy.
  • Any shapewear you intend to wear, or flesh coloured bra and pants that you feel comfortable in.

Bonus: wear makeup and come with your hair neat and clean. You don’t have to arrive dolled up, but it’ll be much harder to feel beautiful if you walk in feeling sloppy and messy.


Amsha Bridal


Bonus: plus size wedding dress tips

A-line is A+

This wedding dress shape is perfect for brides who want to emphasise their waist and draw less attention to their hips and thighs. It’s a shape that literally flatters everybody!

Say yes to ruching

Believe it or not, ruching does not draw attention to “problem areas”. Instead, it creates a clever optical illusion and masks those areas under strategically placed folds.

Thicker fabrics

Did you know that thicker fabrics, like satin, are the most forgiving? That’s because they smooth out the frame and mask the lumps and bumps.

Focus on the positives

Instead of thinking about what you want to hide, rather consider what you want to highlight. Got an awesome butt? Choose a fit and flare silhouette to draw attention to your curves. Love your cleavage? A v-neckline cut will subtly show off your bust.