Seven Things To Do Before You Put On Your Wedding Dress

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You’ve been planning and dreaming about this moment for a long time and eventually, it’s here – it’s time to put on your wedding dress! That final piece to the puzzle is a special moment and one that’s likely to leave you feeling very emotional, but please don’t rush it. When it’s on you want to look in the mirror and see your perfect refection, so before you get into your dress, make sure you do these seven things… 

1. Wash your hands

Before you even go close to your dress give your hands a wash! Even if you don’t realise it you may have touched your face and no-one needs mascara streaks on their precious gown. 

2. Eat and drink

Breakfast long before the dress! Once your dress is on try and only drink clear liquids (no red wine please!) and keep any food intake to a minimum. Don’t drink too much as you don’t want to be needing the bathroom just as you’re about to walk up the aisle. 

3. Use the bathroom

It’s likely your nerves will be high so use the bathroom before you put your dress on and try not to drink too much after that. You likely won’t get the opportunity to use the bathroom, and do the wedding dress shuffle over the toilet until long after the ceremony. 

4. Wear the perfect underwear

You’ll have this sorted long before the big day, but ensure you have the right underwear to suit the cut and style of your dress. If you’re feeling stressed over what will suit ask your bridal attendant for their advice at your final dress pick up. 

5. Put on your worn in shoes 

Putting on your shoes before your dress is a great idea as it will avoid you needing help to find your feet once the dress is on! If your dress is particularity full and with lots of layers, ask your mum or bridesmaid for a little help to make sure your heels don’t get caught. Always wear your shoes in before the day! 

6. Have your makeup done

Makeup on a wedding dress is one nightmare you don’t need on your wedding morning. Ensure it’s sitting perfect before your dress goes on with minimal touch-ups, such as lipstick being needed. 

7. Dry of your bouquet and get going

Most bouquets will be delivered in water. Ask one of your maids to dry the stems off with tissue before you pick it up, water stains aren’t the best look! 

Now, you’re all set, time to get up that aisle! 

(Featured image: Aidan Beatty Photography)