Should You Get Married Before College? 


College is about fun and freedom, not about marriage. But is that really true? We provide some good pros and cons of getting married in college.


Should you get married before college?


Marriage is a sensitive topic in society today, and opinions differ. For example, young people are more concentrated on the problem whom they can pay for an essay to meet the deadlines then whom and when they should marry. Traditionally, marriage is a mutual decision of two adults and is based on the common desire to build a family. There are quite a few people who marry young unless they are going to have a baby. But in recent years, everything has changed. Millennials opt for getting married in college and don’t care much about having a ceremony in the church. Such a decision has both good and bad sides, and in this article, we will try to cover all of them.


Pros and cons of students` marriage

Logical reasons and your parents can convince you that getting married in college is stupid. But is it? This is a really hot topic among young couples, and to help you understand all challenges and positive moments, we picked the top pros and cons of such marriage at this point in your life. But no matter what you will read now, the only thing you should listen to is your heart.


The main pros of getting married young:


  1. Financial aid


Young couples often receive some financial aid that can save you around $30K of tuition fees. This will simplify your life a lot and will help you get rid of debts and look for career opportunities without having to pay a student loan for months;


  1. Fewer expenses


Getting married, you will be living together, which will save you some money on food and accommodation. Combining your expenses, you will simplify your life a lot;


  1. Real-life


When you start being responsible in college, after graduation, you will better cope with all challenges and planning of your adult life. This is kind of preparation and advantage you receive over your peers;


  1. Motivation


Now when your best friend is always with you, you can do many things together and not only fun. You have some mutual motivation and can support each other in education, building a career and other stuff;


  1. Love


You love each other, and you feel ready for this, so why not get married? Only you can take responsibility for your life and the decision to share it with someone;


  1. Security


One of the benefits of getting married is the feeling of security and not having to do everything on your own. There is a person to share your fears and success with you.


The main cons of getting married in college:


  1. Budget


In college, you cannot afford a great wedding because all students are quite limited in money. We don’t say it’s a big deal, but you may regret this in the future;


  1. Distraction


Marriage is a responsibility, so you will not be able to give all your effort and attention to studies. Thus, marriage becomes a distraction while your main goal in college is to receive good knowledge and skills that you will later apply into practice;


  1. No social life


Once you get married, you can forget about hanging out with friends, partying, and meeting new people – things you should do in college all the time. Well, you will be hanging out but in the status of a married person which changes a lot;


  1. No personal space


College years are meant to give you an opportunity to discover who you really are, your options, and skills. Being married, this task becomes harder;


  1. Career choice


You may need to compromise on your career when you are married. For example, when you are having a baby and can’t work or when you need a high-paid job to raise this baby and the job of your dream doesn’t work;


  1. Wrong reason


Many couples are being impulsive or just get married for the wrong reasons like pressure from family members and religion. It can ruin your marriage later.