Super Cute Pancake Cakes In The Spirit Of Pancake Day


It’s officially Pancake Day! Traditionally, Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday) is all about using up rich foods like eggs, milk and sugar, before Lent begins. Whether you are tying the knot around Lent, on or near Pancake Day, hosting a brunch wedding, or you simply love pancakes, these pancake cakes are to die for!

Here’s a sweet idea: instead of ‘cutting the cake’, why not pour honey or syrup over your pancake cake together?

Expert tip: don’t be tempted to create your own pancake cake. It may seem simple enough, but it takes the expertise of a pro to keep the pancake cake intact. They’ll know how thick or thin to cook the pancakes, which type of cream or buttercream you should use as a filling, and how to expertly layer the pancakes so they stack up to form a beautiful ‘cake’.


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