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This is What Wedding Guests Actually Care About

It’s no secret that wedding planning is a big task, filled with hundreds of decisions to make, both big and small. You may be wondering what wedding guests actually care about. Well, we’re here to demystify that for you! We’ve listed three things that wedding guests actually care about as well as three things they won’t even notice. You may be surprised, but we hope that by the time you’ve gotten to the bottom, you feel excited to plan your wedding!

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This is what wedding guests actually care about…

Food and drinks

You’re probably not surprised to hear that guests live for the food! Nobody’s going to complain if you have pre-reception drinks, along with something to nibble on. In fact, the more comfort food you serve, the happier everybody will be. Guests don’t really mind what you feed them and how – plated, buffet, food bars or family-style – they just want to be fed! No-one likes to be hangry. And when it comes to drinks, everyone loves an open bar (surprise!). If this doesn’t fit in well with your budget, let guests know ahead of time that you’ll be serving your favourite beers and wines and that there’s a cash bar available for everything else.

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The music

I recently found myself at an evening event with an awful DJ. It was at that moment that I remembered just how important music is! Your guests want to party with you, so if having a packed dance floor is a priority for you, be sure to hire an incredible band or DJ. Don’t forget to create a ‘do not play’ list, filled with the songs you know will not go down well.

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The seating arrangements

Firstly, we recommend keeping everyone comfortable. Standing ceremonies work for some, but it’s much better if there are comfortable seats for everyone. For your reception, where your guests are seated is crucial. Guests will be thinking about their comfort levels and will always appreciate having familiar faces around. Instead of fussing over exactly which seat each guest takes, why not decide who sits at which table and let them pick their own seats. Less work for you and everybody is happy!

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And a few things they don’t care about…

Bouquet and garter toss

Wedding traditions aren’t for everyone! If you’re on the fence and thinking about ditching the bouquet and garter toss, just know that your guests won’t miss them.


The speeches

Couples spend ages agonising over who should speak and what they should say, but the truth is, guests aren’t paying as much attention as you think they are. So, keep it short, sweet and simple.


Everything being perfect

Yup, that’s right. Your friends and family don’t expect your wedding day to be perfect. The napkins don’t match the bridesmaids dresses? Nobody will notice. The font on your invitation wasn’t quite the same as the font on your mass booklets? That’s ok! Try not to fret over the details and remember that your guests are there to celebrate with you. They aren’t scrutinising your wedding plans.

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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