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Unique Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Memories

You’ll spend hours and hours planning your perfect day! Many couples have left this advice: enjoy every second, because your day will fly by. Taking it all in is just one of the ways you can preserve your wedding memories. We’ve rounded up a few more ways to do so, which you probably haven’t thought of yet. From getting guests to leave their wishes in a beautiful guest book, to fine art, preserving your bouquet and personalising a wedding album, we’ve got it all!


Unique ways to preserve your wedding memories

Handmade wedding album

Relive your wedding day memories with a beautiful handmade wedding album! These elegant albums are handcrafted by Folded Leaf and are personalised to your taste. These one-of-a-kind wedding books will bring a smile to your face for years to come!


A fine art oil painting

With Wedding Art, you can collaborate with a talented artist who will capture your story in a fine art oil painting. This is a unique way of sharing your wedding day memories in your home! This piece of art is timeless, personal and totally unique. Photo above by Keith Touhey.


Turn your bouquet into art

Your wedding bouquet is the most cherished bouquet of flowers you will ever own. Keep the memory alive by entrusting Bouquet 2 Art to turn your beautiful bouquet into a meaningful piece of art.


Get guests involved

We think that having a guest book, like this one by River Lane Memories (pictured above), is a fab way os getting guests to leave special messages for you! Being able to look over these in the years to come will bring make plenty of amazing memories.

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Kelly Jane Hartmann

Kelly is a former wedding planner and a lover of anything pink. She believes that any bride can plan her own wedding, with a few tips and helpful tools.

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