Wedding Place Cards That Double As Favours


You know me by now… I love anything at a wedding that serves two purposes! Not only will you save money, but you can pat yourself on the back for being hella efficient. Today we’re talking about wedding place cards that double as favours.

What is a place card? You’ll have your table plan displayed at the entrance to your reception venue, telling your guests which table they’re sitting at. Once they arrive at the table, you’ll have something at each place setting to tell guests which seat is theirs. It’s basically anything with the guest’s name on it so they know it’s theirs!

What is a wedding favour? This is your way of thanking guests for coming along to your wedding! It’s a small gift that they can take home to remember your Big Day.

Wedding place cards that double as favours? Yes, that’s right! One item which serves two purposes. Today I’m listing a series of really cute wedding place cards, where guests will know which seat is theirs, but they can also keep the item and take it home! Win win!

These are my favourites…


Wedding place cards that double as favours

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