Wedding Sweet Treats That Are Also Covid-Safe

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Now that restrictions are lifting, it’s time to party! Couples are finally able to have the bigger wedding they’ve been planning and we can dance again. There are so many reason to celebrate and it can be tempting to through all safety guidelines out the window. We recently explored some really practical things you can do to keep your guests feel comfortable and safe throughout your wedding. One really simple thing you can do is serve sweet treats that are also Covid-safe. See more ideas here!

What exactly is Covid-safe? Well, to put it simply, anything that is served individually (a plated meal) or individually wrapped (a packet of sweets) and doesn’t involved guests accidentally touching one another’s portion, is considered safe and appropriate. We’ve listed 5 fabulous wedding sweet treats that are also Covid-safe and we know your guests will love them!

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Feast your eyes on these brigadeiros. They are sweet, creamy Brazilian truffles traditionally made of chocolate! At Bragadeiros, there are other flavour options such as Cappuccino, White chocolate, Churros, Vanilla and cookies, and more! Package them up individually serve them as sweet treats that double up as wedding favours.

Available at Bragadeiros in Dublin.


Tayto packs

What’s the perfect late-night snack after everyone’s been dancing all night? Yup, that’s right! Tayto packs! They don’t pretend to be fancy, they just hit the spot and everybody loves them. They’re also packaged individually and are totally Covid-safe.

Available at Carolyn’s Sweets in Dublin.


Ice Cream

Summer couples, serve your guests ice cream and they will love you for it! Add some fun and colour to your special day and treat your guests to a soft whipped ‘Irish’ ice cream.

Available at Smith’s Ice Cream Vans in Louth.



Donuts are a fabulous sweet treat because they could be served as snacks during cocktail hour, as dessert after the main meal or be doubled up as wedding favours! Whenever you serve them, display them on a Donut Wall, preventing guests from touching one another’s donuts and you’re good to go. It will also add the wow factor!

Available at Sensational Events in Kildare.


Sweets Ferris wheel

Fill your Ferris wheel with individually wrapped sweets and you’re Covid-safe as well as satisfying everybody’s sweet tooth!

Available at For All Occasions in Tipperary.