Wedding Trend: Audio Guest Books – What They Are And Where To Get One


If you are on the hunt for a memorable and out-of-the-ordinary wedding guest book, then you’ve found it! We are obsessed with the latest wedding trend: audio guest books. This super inventive and creative guest book alternative is unique, exciting and will add to the fun day you’ve got planned.

Not sure where they are or how to incorporate one into your Big Day? Keep on reading!


What is an audio guest book?

Quite simply, an audio guest book is the interactive, audible version of the classic written guest book! However, instead of writing beautiful words, guests will speak (or sing) them to you. What you are left with is a fabulous compilation of audio recordings created by your loved ones, which you and your new spouse can cherish forever.


What’s all the hype about?

A written guest book is a lovely keepsake for you to flick through and enjoy after the Big Day. An audio guest book is simply the sound equivalent and enables your guests to communicate their emotions more clearly. Group messages, hilarious songs and funny memories are made that much more special when spoken!

Bonus: Many audio guest books are in the form of a vintage phone or retro telephone booth! It just adds to the excitement and experience.


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How does an audio guest book work?

The step-by-step guide will depend on who is providing your audio guest book and exactly what setup they have. Our recommendation is to set up your guest book in a space that is visible (so guests know it’s there) but not too close to the noise (for better sound quality).

The instructions might be very simple, but it’s always a good idea to over communicate and really spell it out for your guests. It’ll be something new for them, so display specific steps so they know just what to do.

Guests can expect to arrive at the audio guest book station, pick up a phone or piece of recording equipment and then leave their message. Sometimes you will be able to record an introductory message for your guests to hear first, so ask your supplier if this is possible. Everything that your guests record will be saved and stored for you to enjoy later. Your supplier will provide more details to you on exactly how you will get your recordings.


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How can I display my audio guest book?

You’ll want this experience to be interactive and eye-catching. Create a visual element that will hook your guests in, such as a fun backdrop or vintage telephone booth. Sure, this is ultimately a purely audio experience, but there’s no reason you can’t make it all look pretty.

Add some instructional signage and you’re all set!

As for the finished product, well that depends on what your supplier will give to you at the end. You could have your audio guest book saved onto an engraved USB or even a vinyl record – talk about vintage! Then store your item in a pretty memory box or on display, ready to be brought out for special occasions.


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Could I create my own audio guest book?

In theory, yes you can. You could buy a vintage telephone and assemble it all yourself. The price would vary, depending on where you’ve sourced the phone, if it actually works, and if you’ve got the correct recording equipment. Not to mention: somebody to set it all up, edit the recordings and compile them for you.

My advice is to hire an audio guest book from a reliable wedding supplier who has all the equipment you’ll need. Even better if they provide other items that you would like to include in your wedding (such as a photo booth, video booth, light up letters or a sparkly dance floor).


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