Wedding Trends For 2024: Our Top 10 Picks!


It’s the start of the year and the perfect time to look at our favourite wedding trends for 2024! With everything from balletcore to sharing platters and flash photography, there’s a lot to love. Take a peek at our top 10 picks:


Wedding trends for 2024: our top 10 picks

Multi day celebrations

Who says you have to condense all your wedding festivities into just one day? With guests flying in from all around the world, couples are inviting everyone to celebrate over several days. This means a Friday ceremony and Saturday reception for some, or simply adding on a day two celebration, whatever works best for you! And we are here for it.


All things mini

We’re talking short dresses, simple bouquets, small cakes, and cute foods like a mini cone of fries. Couples are loving these mini additions which pack a huge punch!


Keeley Joy Photography


Documentary style photography

Couples who are up for less posing are just as obsessed as we are with documentary style photography. Think of it like having your photographers as a ‘fly on the wall’ while you simply have the best day of your life!



Sure, this is one that we’re hoping will stick around because being eco-friendly shouldn’t be something you do simply because it’s trendy. But hey, we aren’t complaining. With couples shopping locally, choosing seasonal ingredients and ditching single-use plastics, we’re over the moon!



We’re talking clean necklines, a form-fit, long sleeves and a structured, put-together look. Add in the comfiest and cutest ballet pumps and you’ve got yourself a fabulous bridal balletcore ensemble.


Stacy Jacobsen


Personalised elements

Here’s one we’ve been banging on about for a while: personalised elements! This may mean incorporating cute details and personal touches or simply making sure you’ve got a few beautiful keepsakes to hold onto.


Sharing platters

Want your guests to mingle while enjoying delicious food? Sharing platters and grazing boards are a clever compromise for those who love the variety of a buffet but the elegance of a plated meal brought to the table. This ‘feast to the table’ style dining is perfect for an intimate wedding where you want everything to feel like a family-style banquet.




Wedding content creators

Hire somebody to capture content for social media! In addition to your wedding photographer and videographer (two very important suppliers to include in the day), a wedding content creator will focus on those behind the scenes shots, filmed on a phone. Having someone else create social media worthy content means that you, your partner and your wedding party can relax and enjoy the day!

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Interactive entertainment

Couples want to get their guests involved and there are plenty of ways to do just that! Things like audio guest books, video booths, illustrators, and magicians get everyone in on the action and they are loving it.


80s and 90s aesthetic

We are so here for this retro trend! We’re talking piped cakes, disposable cameras, flash photography, black and white stills, and blur motion photography. Things we never thought we’d welcome back again, but here we are… obsessed.


Rissa Reels