Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Trend Alert: Content Creation [Episode 86]


You don’t have to be a celebrity or an influencer to get on board this latest wedding trend! Right here in Ireland, there are fabulous content creators who specialise in capturing all the wedding day festivities. 

So, want to know more about wedding content creation, how to get your suppliers to work together, and some expert tips from Love Lens about content ideas…? Well check this out! 


Episode breakdown


What is wedding content creation?

A wedding content creator will create short form content of the day, perfect for you to share on TikTok or Instagram. 

Because all the content is being made on phones and requires minimal editing, you’ll get everything within one or two days. This ensures that the memories of your Big Day can remain fresh and instantly shareable. 

We love that you’ll be able to see your wedding through the eyes of the guests!

You could host an ‘unplugged wedding’ where you and your guests get to be in the moment and enjoy everything, while someone else is capturing the magic for you. 

Please note – exact amount of content and timing will vary, depending on your content creator. 


Does the content creator replace a traditional photographer and videographer?

Nope, your content creator will work alongside your other suppliers to deliver amazing content to help you relive your Big Day. 

You’ll still want professional photos and a feature video of all the festivities. Your photographer and videographer will deliver a product using skills they’ve perfected over the years and so beautiful that you’ll have to wait a few weeks to receive the full package. 

Think of your content creator as an added bonus to complement the other suppliers. 


Video content ideas from the pros – Love Lens:

You’ll get your content delivered within 24 hours!

A lot of couples request trends, like transition videos (before and after hair and makeup). 

It’s a lot of fun, running through everything together. 

First Looks are also really popular. 

They can make a video on the different moments – which is really cute. 

Lots of couples say they don’t even know anybody was there filming. 

Can also make a 2-4 minute video! They are your biggest hype girls on the day!



  • Hire someone who can blend into the background and create content without ‘taking over’ the day. You don’t need an amateur who’s good with a phone but doesn’t understand weddings (ie someone who will get in the way of your photographer during your ceremony kiss). 
  • Discuss a specific list of videos you may want to capture and remember that your wedding day is already full – so you may want a couple of ‘trendy’ videos with your wedding party before the ceremony or during the dancing, but allow the rest of the day to flow. Think through what content you really want and create a plan with your content creator, photographer and videographer so that you aren’t doubling up on content and filling up an already full day. 


Here’s why you should hire a content creator:

  • You’re usually the person capturing all the behind the scenes footage at events, weddings and gatherings – this time you want someone else to do it so you can just be in the moment. 
  • You want fun and modern content created just for social media. 
  • You have a handful of trends you want to recreate with your special people. 
  • You love the idea of having shareable content within days or even hours of your Big Day.