Wedding Wednesday: What To Do The Night Before Your Wedding [Episode 70]


It’s the night before your wedding and you’re getting ready to tie the knot! This is such an exciting time and you’re probably a bundle of nerves. To make sure you are fully prepared for your Big Day, take a listen to this list of things to do the night before your wedding…



Eat a healthy meal – stay away from oily and greasy food and instead opt for something wholesome and nutritious. And say goodbye to caffeine for the night. 


Pack your bag of personal items – these are any items you’ll need during your wedding, which you can hand to your wedding party and anything you’ll need in the bridal suite while getting ready. 


Drink lots of water – avoid dehydration. 


Get a good night’s rest – or at least try!


Put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ – stop checking notifications and don’t spend the night scrolling through reels and TikTok videos. 


Don’t do any wedding tasks!


Pack the car – put everything in the car that you’ll need to take with you to your wedding so you don’t have to do it on the wedding day. 


Gather your emergency kit – painkillers, plasters, safety pins, hair clips and gum!


Watch something that’ll make you laugh – laughter will help you to stay relaxed and stress-free which is exactly how you want to be the night before your wedding. 


Pamper yourself – it could be a mini facial, a hot bath or a hand massage. 


Choose someone else to be the point of contact on the wedding day – then you won’t have to worry about lost guests and gifts going MIA at the end of the day. 


Practice your vows and speech – make sure you’ve got your notes handy for the big day. 


Spend some alone time with your partner – before all the wedding day excitement, check in with your partner and remind them that they are the only thing that matters. You can do this in any way, whether you’re spending the night together or not. 


Charge your phone – you won’t use it much on the day but you certainly don’t want your cell phone battery to die. 


Take a deep breath – and if you’re feeling a little anxious, listen to our guided meditation