Wedding Wednesdays: How to Choose Your Wedding Date [Episode 32]


Choosing your wedding date is a significant part of your wedding planning journey! But how do you choose and what factors should you consider? Today we are walking you through everything you need to know!



This is part 3 of our 4 part series for engaged couples:
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2. Wedding terminology for newly engaged couples – listen here
3. How to choose your wedding date – listen here
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Episode breakdown

A special date

Wouldn’t it be romantic if you could exchange vows on the anniversary of your first date? Or maybe you could get married on the same date as your parents 25th wedding anniversary. Think about significant dates in your relationship and in your families and see if any of those would be a perfect fit.

Think about the season

When you picture your wedding, do you picture a big garden wedding in the sun or a cosy indoor wedding full of candles? Think about which season of the year you want to get married and narrow down your search to dates within that time of year.

Consider when you can get time off

Will you only have two weeks out of the year to get married and go on honeymoon? Knowing when you can get some time off work is a good piece of information to keep in mind. This is helpful information if you want to go on honeymoon shortly after the Big Day. Or if you plan on taking a couple of days off before and after the wedding.

Plan around your venue

If you know where you want to get married, that’s a great place to start. If this is the case, find out when your dream wedding venue is available and pick your date based on their availability.

Think about your budget

There are a few months in each year that are considerably more expensive than others. A wedding in the middle of summer is typically a pricey one since that’s a popular time of year to get married. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider getting married during the quieter, winter months, or perhaps on an unconventional day. Weekday weddings are becoming more popular, but they are still more budget-friendly than Saturday weddings.

Consult your loved ones

Now, we don’t recommend that you extend this discussion to every person that you intend to invite to your wedding. But there will be a handful of people whose attendance is important to you. Ask those loved ones when they’ll be in the country, or not have to work, and so on. This is also about respectfully including your family and letting them know what you’ve got in mind.


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