Wedding Wednesdays: Wedding Terminology For Newly Engaged Couples [Episode 31]

Have you ever been in ‘wedding talk’ with a supplier and you realise you’ve got no idea what they’re talking about? You probably need to learn a few new words! In today’s episode, we’re going through key wedding terminology so you won’t feel left out and confused.
This is part 2 of our 4 part series for engaged couples:
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2. Wedding terminology for newly engaged couples – listen here
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Episode breakdown


This is the path you will walk down during your ceremony. The aisle runs through the middle of your ceremony in between your guests.



The physical spot where the couple will exchange vows.



The bundle of flowers that you will carry down the aisle.



These are the ladies in the wedding party.



This is the method of bustling up the wedding dress and fastening it with buttons or ribbons so you can move around more freely.



Small flower decorations worn by the men in the wedding party.



Small nibbles of food for guests to enjoy right before the reception dinner begins.



The person who will conduct the wedding ceremony. Please note, a celebrant cannot legally marry a couple.



A floral arrangement or piece of decor in the centre of each table at the wedding reception dinner.



When a venue allows you to bring in your own drinks, but will charge you a fee to open them, this is called corkage.



A small flower arrangement worn on the wrist, usually by the mothers of the couple.


Destination wedding

Get out of town! A destination wedding is any wedding that requires the couple and guests to drive or fly out of town for the festivities.



This is a couple opting for an intimate wedding ceremony, often without guests present.



These are little gifts or tokens from the couple to the guests.


Flower girl

This is one of the youngest members of the wedding party. A flower girl will walk down the aisle, sprinkling petals along the way.



The bridal lingerie worn under the wedding dress.


Golden hour

The time just before sunset when the light is soft and golden.



This is another way to refer to a wedding dress.



These are the gentlemen in the wedding party.


Head table

This is the table where the couple and either the wedding party or family sit at the reception.


Master of Ceremonies (MC)

This is the person chosen to announce the couple’s arrival and make all announcements during the wedding reception dinner.


Page boy

This is the male equivalent of a flower girl, a young member of the wedding party. The page boy often gets to carry the train of the dress or the rings.


Registrar / Solemniser

The person who can legally marry the couple on their wedding day.



This is the polite way to ask your guests to let you know if they’re attending your wedding. It stands for Réspondez, s’il vous plaît!


Save the Date

This comes before the wedding invitation and is a change to ask guests to literally save the date and put it in their calendars.


Sweethearts table

For a more intimate setting, the couple can opt for a table that seats just the two of them.


Table plan

The layout for where guests will sit, displayed for all to see as they enter the reception venue.



The significant promises during the ceremony, where the couple commits to one another for life.


Wedding party

The name for the group of people who support the couple throughout the wedding planning journey and on the day. Also known as bridesmaids and groomsmen (although they don’t have to be gender specific).