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Weddings Are About People

For most people, a wedding doesn’t happen every week.  It is something out of the norm of daily life. But for Couple Photography, one of our top most popular wedding photographers, it’s what they do every week and something they love to do.


Ros says weddings are such a buzz, a chance to meet new people – make new friends, travel to new places, be creative with a camera and just absorb and be part of the atmosphere of a happy day.


WEDDINGS ARE ABOUT PEOPLE.  Couple Photography tells us some of the parts of the day that just always makes her happy.


Joining the girls in the morning, getting all dolled up; talking about the latest makeup tips, popping open a bottle of champagne and having a giggle.





Or hanging out with the lads who are desperately trying to learn how to tie bowties or put on dress shirts.  Their main aim may be to enjoy a pre-drink in the bar to calm the nerves or even enjoy a game of snooker.





Ros says kids just never disappoint, they are always themselves, whether it is having a full class tantrum, bored, hyper or just plain hungry…..But when you get that natural smile out of them, it’s magic.





Guests also provide such entertainment, whether it’s just having a chat or laugh with them or even better documenting them with our cameras without them even knowing.





When it comes to speeches, we love hearing more about our couple, their lives, how they met.  It’s always heartwarming those moments in life when you tell people how much you care about them and we love to see those emotions of tears and laughter.





Then, once the dancing starts a  bride who earlier that day was so worried about her hair or dress, can let rip on the dance floor without a care in the world.  Or the older aunts and uncles doing all the latest dance moves and putting the young ones to shame.


It’s all part and parcel of a wedding day.


Why not check out  Couple Photography‘s availability for your day and meet Ros and her team.  You won’t be disappointed.




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