1st scan question

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Doyled Posts: 20
hi all I had my first scan today in the rotunda - going by my LMP I am 12 weeks +5 days - however the baby size is measuring more around 10 weeks (this makes sense as I am fairly sure of ovulation dates and possible date of conception. BUT - I was told to go with the lmp date + 40 weeks so if people ask do I now say that I am only 10 weeks or do I stick with 12 weeks. I didn't tell people till I thought i was 12 weeks but now I'm really confused. All looked good on the scan so thats definitely a weight off my mind. any help or advice would be great!
coxy Posts: 34
Go with the 12 weeks as thats how you come up with your due date
theoracle Posts: 7664
The hospital will go by scan dates. They pulled my date back by 2 weeks also, as my scans also showed 2 weeks less than I thought. They don't care about the LMP, that is aproximate measure, that is why they call the first scan the 'dating' scan. I have had 4 scans so far and their new date was bang on at every scan.