20 week scan today

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brookee Posts: 751
I'm excited! :o)ll anywho i have to have a full bladder but i have no idea how much i should actually drink i don't want to be bursting!! i'm hoping to find out the sex of the baby today too i really hope baby wants us to know!
Emme Posts: 4735
Oh good luck!! I went in like a moran half dehydrated and then spotted loads of girls sipping in the waiting room so I sipped for about half an hour and I didn't feel like I had to go but the sonographer said my bladder was full and great visibility so don't drink gallons, just sip throughout the day. Enjoy!!
jen09 Posts: 1390
congrats! it's a great day having the 20wk scan. I know for mine I drank about 2ltrs of water that morning but come scan time I was BURSTING so went the loo & quickly drank another ltr of water & a can of coke & babs was very clear & jumping around Best of luck
brookee Posts: 751
Ok so sip slowly we don't want bursting lol and i might have hubby get me a can of coke too! thanks a million girls so excited :o)ll
love struck Posts: 1125
major_penguin Good luck.. The 20wk scan is so exciting.. I didnt need to drink any water for my 17,18,19,20 weeks scans.. Had a few problems on my LO pregnancy last year so had loads of scans.. Only had to drink water on 12 week scan as babs is so small.. Dont drink much as in the big scan they do so much pressing down to get the right angles it will just make you want to pee!! Good Luck
bumble Posts: 1980
Oh exciting!! :o)ll :o)ll Good luck!!!