27/12/08 how organised are brides?

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Dec 08 Bride Posts: 21
Hi girls, Just wondering if there are any other 27/12/08 brides out there? how organised are you? also a vain question for ya? what are you going to do about getting fake tan done, as beauty salons wil be closed on st stephen day and xmas day? any plans for st stephens day? what are you doing abou collecting the cake? i must order one...opps!! I am very unorganised.
Jennyjenjenjen---jen Posts: 49
Hi Dec Bride I'm not 27th I'm 12th but close enough. So far I have: My Dress Bridesmaid Dresses Venue Registrar(civil wedding so no mass booklets) DJ(not having a band) Photogrpaher(not having a videographer) Make-up(SIL2B is make up artist) Cake(brother is chef) Music for ceremony(brother and sister) Invitations(designed just need to print them) Honeymoon(picked just have to book it) Not having cars as its all in the one venue I've still to organise: Hairdresser Flowergirl dresses Shoes and jewellery for girls Suits for boys Venue Decoration Favours I'm trying to keep mine simple the less I have to organise the better Probably missing stuff. What have you got done? Sometimes I think I'm ahead and others I get worried I've loads to do.
mrsmcduck Posts: 300
Hi Dec Bride, I'm 31/12/08, so fairly close. All I have so far is my venue & priest!!!!!! So hopefully that'll make the rest of you feel super-organised!.. Mrsmcduck
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
mrsmcduck A lovely short engagement your having, dead right. You have lots of time, you'd be surprised what you get done in a week. Your on the right website for help anyways.
mrsmcduck Posts: 300
Thanks Sweetcheeks. Am not really worried about organising all in 6 months, only problem is finding a band to play on New Years Eve!! Rang around 10 last night and all booked. One of them even advised me to change our wedding date - the cheek!! (bloody men...!) Mrsmcduck
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
The cheek of him, dont even think of that. You'll get sorted dont worry. Its a popular date, but everyone cant be booked up. Just make another list and start calling again. Get looking for your dress soon, plenty of time. But might take time to decide.
Éabhasmammy! Posts: 96
Hi Everyone I'm pretty new to this forum, do a lot of reading and get loads of tips but thought I'd be brave and join in! I'm getting married in Trim Castle Hotel on 04/12/08. Have venue, church, f/g dresses and invites, thats it!! I keep telling myself I've loads of time hopefully it'll all come together a bit closer to the time tho! Mrsmcduck, I'm having a band called Loose Change couldn't tell you if they're free but It's another option for you if your interested. just let me know if you want the number. They play in Gibney's in Malahide every Sunday.
Shanneah Posts: 107
Hi, I'm getting married on the 30th of Dec. So far I've organised the following: - Church - Priest - Church Music - Candles for Church - Flowers - Hotel - Band - Photographer (no videographer) - Dress - Bridesmaid Dresses - Invitations - Cake - Honeymoon - Hairdresser - Beautician - Premarriage Course (booked but not attended) I still have to get the flowergirl dresses, junior bridesmaid dress, groomsmen rentals, shoes & accessories, booklets. I'm also worried about tan. We're getting married on a Tuesday and you really need to get it done two days beforehand, which is a Sunday. Could I chance getting it done on the Monday?
marianf Posts: 5845
Welcome to all the new December brides. Dont forget to pop over to say hi on http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion ... p?t=105809 We also a weight loss thread where we jointly lost over 2 stone this month :o)ll http://www.weddingsonline.ie/discussion ... p?t=105809 Anyway back to me, I have most things organised for 29th Dec. Still have to decide on my cake, as I might get one made instead of mam doing it as planned. NEed to do church paperwork but cant do that yet. We also need to get our rings and decide on church flowers. Lots of little things still to be done like jewellery and underwear etc but not worried at all about that stuff.
BiaBlasta Posts: 1002
Hi, I'm the 27th 08 too. Haven't really thought about the fake tan thingy yet. I might try do it myself. Well, I've got a good bit of time to practise anyway! I don't think I'm seriously organised myself either. Have sorted: Church and Priest My dress Band DJ Photographer videographer Cake BM dresses Honneymoon Cars Favors Flowers Hotel Candles Flowergirl dress Actually it seems like a bit done when I write it in a list! :o)ll About the cake, the lady that's making it is going to deliver it to the hotel on the morning.