9% VAT on Newspapers

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mobmar Posts: 642
Follow on from the thread about hotels not passing on the VAT reduction. I thought something I noticed. One daily newspaper that my father buys was €1.90 before VAT reduction and it is now €1.85. It should be €1.82 so they are making 3 cent on every paper they sell. Another example one of our local papers came out today. Again before VAT reduction it was €1.75 and now is €1.70 but should be €1.68. So they are making an extra 2 cent on every paper sold. Not much chance of these newspaper high lighting the hotels if they themselves are cashing in on the VAT reduction.
happieout Posts: 3111
well according to price watch on Today FM yesterday, there is no legal obligation to pass on the price reduction. 1.82 is an awkward sum, they probably felt they'd have to round down to 1.80 and weren't prepared to do that.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I was also thinking they were rounding it off but of course they wouldn't round it off in reverse!! Can't believe there is no obligation for businesses to pass on the reduction??
mobmar Posts: 642
"Mr Noonan said the VAT cut will be a temporary measure - from 1 July to December 2013. It will be kept [b:3ddx4yc5]under [/b:3ddx4yc5][b:3ddx4yc5]review[/b:3ddx4yc5] to make sure the savings are being passed on to the customer." The above is what the Minister said when he announced the new rate. I wonder what type of reviews has he put in place to keep a check on those who don't pass on the reduction. Maybe read the hotel's thread on WOL and he would learn alot.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
I am sure that hotels will say if that you booked your wedding before the date of VAT change they are entitled to charge you the full rate! I know its annoying but I bet it's in their T&C's - but if the VAT rate went up - they would certainly be charging you the extra >:o(