Accupuncture during pregnancy?

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Babylon Posts: 334
Hi there, Have any of you been having accupuncture during pregnancy and how have you found it? I have been having weekly accupuncture since I got diagnosed with PCOS and thankfully am now 8 weeks pregnant. I have found the accupuncture great but the financial costs are starting to mount up, especially when I consider all the costs we have ahead of us! Did any of you that had accupuncture reduce it to every 2-3 weeks, rather than every week? My accupuncturist said that it can help relieve pregnancy symptoms (my MS and tiuredness are relatively mild) and can also help you deliver around your due date and avoid a lengthy labour?
brideeee Posts: 1490
Hi ya I had accupunture but for different reasons, and it will still be ass effective if you have it every 2-3 weeks. I intend going back toward the end of my pregnancy to get things moving along. I don't think the practitioners think of the financial implications (or maybe they do!) sometimes- You decide what you can afford. Also if you have health insurance bear in mind that you can claim back over a certain amount, xxb
Babylon Posts: 334
Hi Brideee. Thanks a million for replying! That is great to hear that every 2-3 weeks would give the same benefit. I agree that the accupuncturists probably don't think of the cost. You just want to do everything to ensure a healthy pregnancy but I guess finance has to come in to it too! Next appointment is the 2nd week of January so will tell her then. The very best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy - would love to be as far on as you! I will keep an eye out for your birth story!