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mo2009 Posts: 44
Hi I was wondering if any or you could give me some advice on travelling. My husband and myself are thinking of heading off next year, planning on going to india, thailand, vietnam, japan/china, Oz and maybe NZ on the way home. What advice would you have, did you book all your flights etc before heading off or did you just land there and look for accomodation. Also how did you find the transport systems in the above named countries. I really looking forward to it but so anxious at the same time you hear so many horror stories but i really want to experience the whole travelling thing. Thanks for any advice
havemovedon Posts: 2013
The Lonely Planet site has lots of info and the Thorn Tree forum has everything you could need to know!
trice0208 Posts: 600
Would reccomend a round the world airline ticket,you can always change dates etc on them but it's the biggest cost taken care of
Time For A Change Posts: 6885
I've one question for you - can I come!!!!? That sounds like an amazing trip :ooh How long did it take you to save up for something like that, if you don't mind me being so nosey! I'd love to be able to do something like that, but there's no hope in hell we'd be able to buy the usual bills and save at the same time - we're struggling as it is. Have a safe trip :wv
mo2009 Posts: 44
Well i'm only starting to plan it at the minute. Hopefully we'll be able to go next august. I found a website seat 61 where you can travel overland to oz by train. I was thinking i might go via moscow as i'm a bit nervous about going through pakistan and iran. I know it'll probably be ok but i'd feel more comfortably going via moscow into china then travel SE asia. I know i'll miss out on india but i'll visit there again when i'm retired!!! in about 40 years time :yelrotflmaosmilie: . Going to start saving hard from now on. Got married in september and we have a house bought. But don't mind heading off as it's not the house we're going to settle in if we have kids etc so don't mind renting it out. So it's just a matter of cutting out the unnessary items for a while and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. we always said we'd go travelling after college but got married first. We're in our 20's so if we don't do it now, it'll be kids etc and i'll only end up regretting it when i get older. Going to be tough saving as hubby is out of work but think he might have something in another week or two. Living on a tight budget a the minute and managing so we can save his wage when he starts work again. I'm really looking forward to it got so p!ssed of at work the past year and kept thinking if i stay here and have kids etc and never travel like i said i would, i'll end up like the twisted b!tches i work with who do nothing but gossip about everyone in the place. So i'm going to make the most of my youth and broaden my mind and see different cultures and hopefully return a more open-minded positive person O-O .
Bigleap Posts: 696
Good for you! A few bits of advice: In asia internal flights are cheap and comfortable and sometimes saves you 24 hours of bus journeys. Well worth it! Look up Asia airways, Bangkok airways and Vietnam airways online to book. There is plenty to choose from in terms of accomadation in SE Asia, so you dont need to book that far in advance. However I'm organised and like to know that I have somewhere to stay when I arrive. Many places you can book and then cancel a week if your plans change. But if your on a tight budget sometimes its a case of turning up and negosating with hotels there and then (I find it very stressful but at least you get to see a room before commiting to it which is good if your on the cheaper end of the scale). Bear in mind you can get high class accomadation very cheap when compared with the western world, so its well worth mixing in a treat every week or so (either by "averaging" it out over the week or having a luxury fund for accomadation and day trips). Food is so cheap! Dont be afraid to try the street stalls (just make sure it looks clean and is cooked infront of you). Make sure you have all your shots way in advance (Hep B is a 6 months course of injections as far as I remember). Get good travel insurance! The transiberian express is suppost to be amazing (but basic). I've heard its definately worth doing a trip in Mongolia on the way. Enjoy!