Advice on listening to musicians at 'stranger's' wedding!!

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herecomesthebride08 Posts: 13
Would really appreciate advice on the following: The musicians we intend booking for our Church ceremony have told us where and when they'll be playing - at a couple who we don't know's wedding (at least we hope we don't know them or any of the guests!). It has been cleared with the bride and groom that it is ok for us to attend their ceremony and listen to the musicians. Obviously we will have to dress appropriately but I guess the questions I have are: The musicians are playing half an hour before the ceremony starts - do we arrive then or just before the time the ceremony starts? Where do we sit in the Church (at the very back?) Do we stay for the whole ceremony? (I think leaving before the ceremony has finished will draw attention to us) Do we congratulate the bride and groom on the way out????!!! If so, do we briefly explain to them why we're there and tell them how good the musicians were???!!! Any other pointers / advice???!!!
bada_bing Posts: 109
I'd go and sit up the front and be rowdy! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hi herecomesthebride. I often have people coming to weddings to have a listen. I wouldn't worry about it in the least. No-one will notice you if you sit at the back - there's always so much going on. if you arrive to hear the half hour session of your musicians it should be long enough to let you know whether or not you like them! You'll always find that some of the locals that aren't invited to the wedding still pop into the church to see what the bride looks like anyway so you won't be the only ones there that aren't "at the wedding" You could also leave during the register signing - everyone's up taking pictures etc and it's usually quite noisy so you won't be spotted leaving :o0 Siobhán *)
bada_bing Posts: 109
No, but seriously, I would sit or stand at the back, and once you've heard enough just slip quietly out the door. I'd probably prefer to get out before the end of the ceremony, as people will be looking at you in your civvies, and if you don't like the music then you dont have to lie to the bride and groom cause you'll be long gone!! :o)ll
TokenMale Posts: 6845
The ceremony is a public event. Anyone and everyone who is interested is entitled to attend. I'd definitely go early and hear the musicians beforehand. That'll probably be your best opportunity to hear them do a lot of stuff.
HoneyB Posts: 33
I'm more concerned about going to see the band at the reception. We've to go tonight to see them and I'm feeling a bit aprehensive about it. We're going to the church on Saturday and I'm not too worried about that because anybody can go into a church but it's a bit different going into someone elses reception.