ADVICE: Scan Date v's Stomach Measurement?

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angels 58 Posts: 236
My doctor measured my stomach last week when I was at an appointment with him. He physically felt my stomach/ uterus and told me that I felt like i was 2/3 weeks ahead of my scan dates. [b:29ibujm1]Is this even possible?[/b:29ibujm1] Has it happened anyone else? He said to continue going by my scan dates but the hospital may do a more detailed measurement scan in the future to double check. Now Im simply confused as to how far I am along the pregnancy road!! I thought a scan would be more reliable than a quick physical bump check?
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
You're perfectly normal!!! THe bump measurement is an out dated and inaccurrate method..I had it at about 24 weeks i was 4 weeks 3 wks ahead..a big bump can indicate twins sometimes..but the docs told me not to worry it was just a big is right on target and the bump is now measuring on time and i really haven't got much bigger!! Like the babies are bumps can get growth spurts it seems!! Always go by your scan date!!
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
I was with my consultant today and he felt my uterus and measured me. He said by feel he would have thought I was about 2 weeks further along and by my measurements I was 4-6 weeks further along :ooh Scan dates were from 4 weeks ago, but we have another on Thursday so we will see then. I really doubt that babies have jumped ahead by somewhere between 2 and 6 weeks in that time. To be honest even the scan measurements are somewhat subjective. At the last scan twin 1 got measured twice as after doing twin2 the measurements were about 5 days behind for twin1 so she checked again and they jumped by 6 days forward, if there hadn't been 2 babies she likely would have just left it with the first batch of measurements. But since the dates match with my dates they are much more likely to be accurate than the fundal height measurements.
Pinkly Posts: 1414
When I was pregnant with DS I was told I was measuring 2-3wks ahead. But that way of measuring is highly inaccurate as can some scans further along in pregnancy. My DS arrived 2wks late, he was a big baby @ 9lb 13oz's.
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
I was told by my sonographer that i was a week ahead and that was going by a scan but when i got to consultant he said that was not the case and that i was prob just going to have a big baby He said that aswell on ds1 and he was only 7lbs 7oz so they are never accurate on what they tell you Honestly i wouldnt worry, do you know the dat of your last period?