After 8 weeks baby suddenly bringing up after feed

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corkbridie07 Posts: 72
Hi, I have an 8 week old who has been feeding up to now without any problem and hadn't been bringing up anything after feeds. However this week he started bringing up watery stuff with what looks like curdled milk in it (if that makes sense!!) sometimes after feed and sometimes 2/3 hours after feed (taking 5 6oz bottles every 24 hours). Has my baby suddenly developed reflux or would this be related to his 2 month vaccinations which he received on Monday? thanks for any help/ suggestions as to why he is suddenly bringing up after feed? Or if anyone else has experienced same would be good to know if this lasts?
Blackbird Posts: 5135
Maybe you should post this over on mum+kids too in case people don't see it over here. Do you think your DS could have a tummy bug or anything? Is he off form or does he have runny nappies? Are you taking loads of time winding him? Try keeping him upright for about 30 mins after a feed too. It sounds similar to reflux but I obviously can't say for definite. The cottage cheese vomit could be a sign of reflux. Is he uncomfortable and in pain or just throwing up? If it's just spitting up then it might not be a concern, just a lot of washing, but if he's in pain too that's a different story. DS had/has reflux and would vomit during or straight after a feed and right up until he had his next bottle. Sometimes it was just milk and sometimes it was like cottage cheese. Reflux doesn't necessarily start from day one. With DS it was obvious from about 4 weeks but I didn't know at the time what it was (ignorance is bliss!) so he was 8 weeks before we put a name on it. I think you should keep an eye on it and take a note of his symptoms, like whether he is in pain with it or not, is he drawing up his knees or throwing his head back and arching his back...If you think he is in pain and he's still vomitting the same way after the weekend I would go to the GP to talk about reflux.
corkbridie07 Posts: 72
Thanks Blackbird - i will post on the other forum too. He does seem to be in pain after some feeds but not all. Just put him to bed there and he screamed the house down when he was finished the feed but during the day he was fine. If it lasts over the weekend I might go to the GP as you suggested. Thanks