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Mrs Boop Posts: 828
[img:incpd0vc][/img:incpd0vc] Scottich Cake Topper, where the bride looks likes she's scratching her @ss!! Anyone any other recommendations? This is based on an extensive search on Ebay.
contented Posts: 2625
what about one of these, on Ebay too (hope this works) [img:2j3l13uj][/img:2j3l13uj] i did the scottish wedding too but didnt have any cake topper
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
IMO I dont think she looks like she is scratching her ar*e. She looks like shes holding up her dress! You can get some made esp for you. Im sure they are expensive tho. Dont know any companies of the top of my head but was just reading Lulus wedding day report and she mentions who made hers! Good luck with your search! :wv
contented Posts: 2625
actually the more i look at the picture i posted the more i dont like them :o0 they look a bit dated
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Thanks for that contented, I'd rather the scratching @ss bride!! :o0 They all look a bit too serious for me. :o0 Contented, were you the Bride who had Tartan Pews? Wud love to see pics of those by the way, if it was you! U've prob seen the other pic's on Ebay where they all look like Postman Pat!!! :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: I'm sure I've seen nice custom made Scottish Cake Toppers only a couple of months ago on Ebay. I can't find them now. O:|
contented Posts: 2625
yes thats me!! i'm just trying this minute to copy a picture of the pew ends and post it. i searched as well for a nice scottish cake topper but in the end i couldnt find the right one so we just used the sugar flowers instead to dress the cake - my aunt made it so she took care of all that for me. there isnt a great choice of the toppers really, loads of scottish websites but they all look a bit strange. i'll keep at the pew end picture and try to post it for you :wv :wv :wv
contented Posts: 2625
try this company also for toppers / ribbon. I got my tartan ribbon from them.
deb0705 Posts: 55
Just did a google image search and found this: Search (scottish cake toppers) [url:2tiw1u27][/url:2tiw1u27] [url:2tiw1u27][/url:2tiw1u27] They've both got every combinatin of couple including a few scottish. Search (scottish cake topper) [url:2tiw1u27][/url:2tiw1u27]
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I got my specialy made scottish man and woman from the sellers shop wordsandwishes on ebay. Think I paid around €45 inc delivery. You can decide on all the colours for the mans kilt outfit, and brides hair, dress and flowers. I got the man made bald to match H2B, but you can choose hair colour if you want. I think it had arrived in around 2 weeks too, which was good. They look like little mala men, but they look soooo great finished.
Mrs Boop Posts: 828
Thanks for all those sugestions Contented, Deb and Ann. I was just reading on the link you out up for Words & Wishes that they can make these figures in any pose you like, so I think I'll go for the pic I've posted but with them dancing or something other than her hiking up her dress. There's also some other things on there that I can order, like tartan ribbon and buttonhols for the men, thanks girls :thnk