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sarhar101 Posts: 381
I'm really bad with the names of flowers and I don't want to walk into a florist without knowing the name of something!! I'm having a sunflower-themed wedding, but sunflower heads are too big for the bouquet. However, I've seen bouquets in Tesco that include flowers that look exactly like mini sunflowers (really cute). They're about the size of an old Irish pound coin and are yellow/orange petals with a brown centre, just like a normal sunflower. Does anyone know what these are? Any help gratefully received!! :thnk
Spooner Posts: 274
They sound like Gerberas. You can get them in loads of colours. They are kind of like big daisies.
sarhar101 Posts: 381
Just Google and Wickipedia'ed them and they're the ones! Thank you SO much. They're really pretty and at least I know what to ask for!! You're a star, thanks!! O-O
WinterGal Posts: 835
You can get them in silk from I've ordered an orange Gerberas bouquet for myself. Can't wait to get it.