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Mooberry Posts: 68
Hello Wollies, Getting married in September and have started thinking about the music for the ceremony. I think choir/soprano/string quartet etc are all really nice options for a wedding ceremony so can understand why they are so popular. However, I don't feel like this is really who I am and I would our ceremony to be more reflective of us as a couple. Does anyone know of some alternatives? I think I would like just a 'guy and his guitar' kind of thing :) . We aren't having a Catholic wedding so we are at liberty to choose whatever music we want, but I am finding it hard to know where to look for something that is more along the lines of a guy and his guitar! It is much easier to find 'church singers' whereas I'm looking for something more alternative/indie. Also on a budget (don't have 500 to spend on ceremony music) and in Dublin, Any wollies who have some suggestions? Anyone get a DJ to do their ceremony music as that's another idea? What kind of music is everyone having at their ceremony?
AlexT Posts: 3
What about Colin Mclean or him plus his trio? He books up really early though so get in touch soon. Or alternatively, try Jerry Creedon We're doing the same thing - acoustic guitar, no singing. We looked at the options and while it all looked lovely, it just wasn't 'us.' Also since we're not having a church ceremony but a garden one, it would have felt wrong. Good luck!
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
Just finalizing my music for my church wedding in august. I used to sing at church weddings so I wanted to stay away from the traditional church music aswell. I am getting pub musicians (keyboard and guitar players) and my aunt who play irish trad to play. Here is my music line up. A song called 'your smile' written by my dad for walking up the ailse trad airs for the ceremony like the marina waltz (the tune from the old bord na mona ad) ECT. 'A rainy night in soho' (the damien dempsey version) for the communion 'Promise me' beverly craven during the signing of the register 'i feel it in my fingers' (from four weddings and a funeral) for walking down the ailse I want the lads then to play a trad session until the church clears to keep the mood upbeat while people are queing to shake hands. I know the civil ceremony doesnt run the same way as a church wedding but hopefully you get a few ideas from this. x