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messi Posts: 234
Ive taken this whole wedding thing in my stride love organising so much so that with three months to go I have everything organised. Was thinking to myself not sure what all fuss is about organising a wedding no stress at all.................dat was until yesterday! Met with hotel last week told us they had twenty five rooms left for our date, we said grand we would get poeple on to start booking them. All of Oh family and friends not from area so wanted make sure they had a chance to book hotel. They gave us 'a great wedding discount of 15%' on accomodation prices for September which was fine no issues there. So firstly OH aunt rings hotel only to be told 'that wedding hasnt been confirmed...' morto it has been confirmed and deposit paid for past year not to mention we have been in three times confirming details ahhhhhhh and the third time we were in was only last week!!!! Anyway I was annoyed but said feck it was only a mistake wont say anything to them! Then OH Dad rings up to book rooms only be told there was only six rooms left ah hello you told us 25 two days ago like!!! Panic was on then nearly freaked where was everyone going to stay! So rang yesterday morning to be told that was a mistake there was rooms available. Big sigh of relief! Then I get a call last night from my BM saying she had booked hotel through their website and was cheaper than our 'disocunted rate'. So embarrassed I had given everyone the number of hotel said to ring and ask for wedding rate as we have a 'discount'!!!! Turns out no they were just screwing us!! Im soooooooo annoyed. Oh thinks Im overreacting and does not want me to ring them so he e-mailed them and nicely asked them to confirm rates. Me I just to ring up and killlllll someone. Am I over reacting, sorry for rant!! :duh:
dublinredhead Posts: 917
Unfortunately this often happens - that hotels give a cheaper price online than their "discounted" wedding rate. I would email them and ask how come your sister managed to book a room for xxxx amount cheaper for the night of your wedding than the supposed discount rate. Try to stay calm - and from the voice of experience (lesson learnt!!!) don't send the email until the next morning till you've calmed down a bit! :action32 :action32 :action32 I know it's soooo frustrating....