Hi girls, 2 of my close friends are married and they have been the "smug married" hounding me about my other half about getting engaged since we were probably only about a year together. They assumed my OH was not committed to me because we left it so long to get engaged but the reality was that we are in our early 30s now and loved our free and single years without any pressure of coming up with money we [b:2jja7gey]wouldn't [/b:2jja7gey]have had at the time to spend on a big day and we feel the time is right now. We are together 5 years now and he proposed with an amazing 2.55 carat solitaire last month and I think the green eyed monster is beginning to raise it's ugly head! My friends don't even ask to try on my ring O:| Their attitude towards me lately is nothing short of hostile :o( my sister who is married ( I was her bridesmaid and she will be mine) rarely talks about my big day and I just feel like I've spent the last few years putting my time and effort into other peoples lives, eg weddings, babies etc and now that my time has come it's like people dont like it that the limelight is off them. Am I being silly and over sensitive?