Am I being paranoid?

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twinbambinos Posts: 3492
So for last year or so have always gone on lunch with same two girls ..we would always email each other to find out etc what time suited but for last couple of weeks this has stopped and now they don't even bother asking me !!!! It is upsetting me as feel like I have done something wrong on them. So would this bother you ?? and would you say something to them?? (Don't want to across as being childish to them if I do say something :-8 ) Or just leave it and float my own boat in future.. Its just peeing me off because its making me paranoid that I have done something or that they just cant be bothered with me anymore a bit teary today anyway so that is not helping :o(
gottabfp Posts: 5641
ah its horrible when sometrhing like this happens. i would defo ask them, maybe in a funny way. you dont need things like this stressing you out. Better to know the truth. Maybe and i dont mean to sound harsh, as im going through similar to you, but are you still fun to be around. Do they know you are ttc? I know i have this cloud over my head lately and im not my ususal happy self and i wouldnt blame people not wanting to spend time with me. sorry if this offends. x
barbar Posts: 305
Why dont you be the one who initiates it and email them first and make lunch plans?
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Do you know do they still have lunch together? Are they particularly close? Maybe one of them has something going on in her life and is using the lunch to talk it over with the other. They may not mean to freeze you out. I know I'd be hurt though if it was always a routine and then they just stopped including me. Maybe mention it to them. Not in a confrontational way but just e-mail or phone saying you haven't meant them in awhile and you hope nothing is up.
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Wanna, I would confront them and see if they are doing it deliberatley or maybe just assume that you would just go each day with them? Are they still emailing and that regularly do you know? Maybe they think its you who has distanced yourself from them!? Im in the same situation and I know how you feel, been friends with people for years and emailing and meeting up most days and now its just gone... maybe that was the path the relationship took.. how and ever its still not nice.....
twinbambinos Posts: 3492
Thanks Girls for advice think I might just say it to them in a jokey" is everything ok" kind of way. I use to email them but was kind of getting fobbed off so haven't for the last few days as got the feeling like I wasn't wanted ! They are both good friends and still go on lunch together so maybe its just they want it to be them which is fine if they do would just like the heads up is all wannabfp - no offence taken hon..they haven't a clue we are ttc and believe me it wouldn't even dawn on them as go out of my way to make sure no one knows in work so defo not this plus am always in the same ould form in work ( I think lol) ! oh look sure its probably nothing..probably me being a bit over sensitive but it is a bit weird and its horrible feeling excluded and left out ;-( NervousMum2be - maybe we should set up our own lunch available every day now it seems :innocent:
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Just pick up emailing again and say "whats the plans for lunch tomorrow?" Maybe nothing is wrong and that you stopped emailing they took it that you were busy? Have you organised to meet up and cancelled much lately? I know this is my pet hate and I have friends who are always cancelling at the last minute and now its a case that I just don't bother asking anymore.
LastRolo Posts: 6892
I don't think your being paranoid, I would feel upset if they blanked me. I think you need to talk to them, and ask them have you done something to upset them or annoy them??
paperclips Posts: 3146
I'd drop one more email to them to see if they want to meet up for lunch - something casual like "fancy lunch today girls, havent had a catch up for a couple of days now!" Let them know that your aware that your not going to lunch with them as usual. If they fob you off then I think it would be fair to assume that there is something up. Depending on the reply you get from them you might be able to ask them in a round about way if there is something wrong. Its a funny situation to be in cos you just dont know where you stand. Keep us posted - am interested to know whats up with them!!!
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Wanna, Im free every lunch too!! So lets do lunch!! forget them!! :xxx Do just mail them something light hearted and see what they think about meetin up!!