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thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
Anyone going to the gig next week? Do you reckon it will go ahead and if it does will she be any good?! Love her music but the poor girl is in a bad way! Especially now with the hubby in the slammer!
milis Posts: 7998
With him in the slammer she's missing her partner in crime! I'd say the gig is more likely to go ahead!
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
Hope so.. Was just reading posts on her website forum, and it sounds as though recent gigs she's done have been brilliant.
Pearly Whites Posts: 707
Yep i'll be there next week with my headpiece and eyeliner! whoo hoooo
Pearly Whites Posts: 707
So she has pulled the plug on all her tours this year! Wasn't that surprised at all tbh.