Angelcare Video Monitor V Tomy Digital Video

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Ababyslove Posts: 26
Hi Ladies, I am looking to buy a video monitor but cant decide between the two above, I have heard the Angelcare is brillant but it is very pricey at €299 whereas Mothercare is doing the Tomy Digital Video for €169.99 in the sale but have heard that its not meant to be as good. As there is a big difference in the price I am wondering if you have ever used or are planning on using one of these? Thanks.
alwaysnextmonth Posts: 204
my baby girl is almost 3 mths old and I got the angel care video monitor.. I justified the price because for less than a €1 a day for the first yr you can have complete reaasurance :) I love it, right now im watching herself asleep upstairs and when I switch off the parent unit going to bed. The alarm on the childs unit will still be watching over her !! You can even do talk back from the parent unit.. I registered with and they do a promotional code towards the end of every month.. I was due the end of jan and waited till then to order to get the full 12 mth warranty Also my parent unit was playing up this week (was working but wouldnt turn on/off easily)rang the angelcare helpline on tues and got a new parent unit in this mornings post - so im very happy
summersurprise Posts: 1276
we have the tomy digital tvd 450 monitor and we find. it great, we also just purchased an additional baby camera unit to work wit the parent unit for next l o coming along, as it will work up to 4 cameras wit one parent unit. night light is is nice on it too soft glow from it and camera is very clear esp in the dark. good price on it in mothercare. they were over 200euro.