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lindy Posts: 1135
Hi Myself and husband will be together 9 years on sunday and i want to give him something special we will be married 4 weeks then,and on sat night we are going to a wedding and staying over in a hotel so wanted to do something really special and romantic that morn something he wont expect..... Any ideas will be great thanks Mrs lindy :thnk
laura1982 Posts: 174
well is he into football or sports???? maybe get him something small to do with his team and then get your breakfast to the room the next morning and ask the waiter to bring the present up under one of thoses silver things!!!!! Depends really on what his likes are!!!!!!
earthangel Posts: 269
hi how about making a "this is our life" album with all your favourite couple photos over the past 9 years. you could even scan them onto a computer and copy them to a dvd disc with both your favourite love songs as backing tracks....i did this and h2b loved it! or write him a poem about your years together (funny and cute)....
laura1982 Posts: 174
yea earthangel a friend of mine done that as a wedding gift!!!!!! brill idea If you go for that lindy then you could ask the hotel to put something on the telly instructing your hubby to play the disc???? you no the way they usually have a welcome note on the tv when you check in!!!!!
lindy Posts: 1135
O-O thanks girls they both sound like a good idea thanks lindy
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
Oh I did something similar for my friend when she got married - check out, but you prob won't have it in time for sunday .....