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beancounter Posts: 148
Did you get any early private scans done? If so where and were they expensive? I am 7 weeks at this stage and have not got a date for my scan, so not sure if I can hold out as will drive myself mad with worry.
digsy Posts: 1257
Hi I am due my first in Craigavon in February. Got first scan at 14 weeks which was fine for me, not sure how the private thing works in the North to be honest. There might be other Wollies from the North on here who may be able to help you more. Congratulations by the way.
Marvin Mole Posts: 1076
I'm in the North. I'm around 5 weeks pregnant and have my first doctors appointment this Thursday. I will be either Lagan Valley or Craigavon. Someone on the August 2010 thread had googled private scans in the north .. it is possible to get them but I've no idea how much they are. If you google it a list should come up. Hope this helps :wv
missybride Posts: 304
hi beancounter firstly a big congrats! :) im from newry and the newry clinic windsor avenue (private) do private package or private one off scans bout £200-250 i think but they have wbsite u could check out. i had my first scan at 13 weeks (missed at 12weeks cos was on honeymoon!) we went for private scan in dublin something like that 125euro i think?? at 12 weeks as soon as we go home from hols was brill but spoiled us for daisy hill ones as they werent as good quality ever since. think theres place on lisburn road in belfast that also offers private scans if u google that. good luck and congrats again :)
beancounter Posts: 148
Thanks girls, gosh they are so expensive up here compared with in the South.