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theoracle Posts: 7664
Is there a DART station anywhere in the vicinity of Parnel Square/O'Connell Street? Sorry about asking what is probably a daft question, but I am seriously clueless! Thanks!
Diamondz Posts: 2208
Not from Dublin, but work there often.. Connolly station would be the closest to O'Connell Street. It would be about a 10 min walk from Connolly.
MrsBran2Be Posts: 123
Conolly is probably the closest, but not that much farther to Tara St (just across the Liffey) and possibly handier if you're goin/coming from the south side of the city, and easier to find your way around as there's only the choice of two platforms (north vs southbound) compared to the 7 I think Connolly has. Let me know if you need any more info - I get the train from both stations fairly regularly. HTH! :wv
theoracle Posts: 7664
Thank you for your replies. I was trying to read the map but sure when you don't know where any of these places are, nothing makes sense :o0 Thanks!