anyone else really miss having a drink??

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bree Posts: 1880
it being sat night, im really missing having a glass of wine. having two smallies my nightclub days are well over :o0 but would love two full glasses of (guilt-free) or white, im not even fussy!! what can ya do only put up with it !! worth it i know the winter is going to be long tho when its chilly outside & the fire is blazing and no red wine breathing on the worktop oh will ya listen to me feeling sorry for myself :eek
milis Posts: 7998
I generally don't miss it, but I was out to lunch with my aunt today and she had a glass of red wine. I could smell it across the table, and it was very enticing!
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
Oh Bree I'm with you, I would murder a glass of wine right now. Am really struggling to stay alcohol free. Next month is my 30th birthday AND 1st wedding anniversary, I'm dreading them as always celebrate every special occasion with a bottle of Moet. :o(
pigeonwife Posts: 3789
My doctor said that there was no need to stay completely alcohol free and even what to expect states that the only confirmed results are on 2 glasses every night or regular binging of over 6 drinks in a night. I must admit I was at a wedding last Sat and had a half glass of champagne and another night I had a half glass of wine at a friends house (mainly to put her off the scent). I have also had a couple of glasses of shandy on another occasion. I hope I won't be vilified for admitting this. Mainly it has been more to avoid questions than anything else but I also have a really hard time believing that such a tiny amount of alcohol would have any effect. Once the news is out I will probably stay off it or else limit myself to a glass of Murphys every now and then for the iron you know :o0 Is anyone else drinking at all??? Mrs C I would never be able to pass up the champagne on such a momentus occasion!!!
milis Posts: 7998
Pigeonwife, I don't think anyone here would vilify you, each to their own, but stating that the only confirmed results of effects are on large amounts misses the point entirely. There are no confirmed results stating that any amount of alcohol is safe, and until there is, I'll be staying away from it!
happymumof2 Posts: 288
Hi girls I am off out to night to have my usual glass of guinness only have the 1 but really enjoy it, funny thing is I never liked it before :o0 That is all I have maybe once a week or every other Sat, I did go to a wedding last week and I did have half a glass of champers and a glass of wine throughout the day. I don't think there is anything wrong with having an odd tipple once you don't over indulge. :wv
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Had a few drinks over Christmas and New Years while pregnant on DD but didn't bother after that as I hated stopping at 3!! So I was better off with none at all!!
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Not missing it at all! ... was never a big drinker before getting pregnant... normally the odd bottle of beer with dinner... so i dont think abstaining for the next 25 weeks or so will be a problem.
blondiee Posts: 771
I'm with you Bree, totally miss having a drink. I've always had a very active social life and it's totally gone the opposite way. Pigeonwife, i've had a glass of wine also with friends to put them off the scent, was eating dinner at the time and drinking lots of water and REALLY enjoyed my glass so I hope you did too. O-O
mammybean Posts: 10364
Oh Bree you are off your box! i didnt realise you were pregnant again!! :o0 i remember when you were pregnant on nember one and we used to have the night wol bar and you got ice lol. do you remember that or do i just seem strange :o0 fair play to you i have my 20 month old and 2 month old and cant imagine going again so soon! They will be such great friends!!!!