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sunny1 Posts: 995
Hi ladies I'm in the process of researching travel systems and am soooo confused. I had my heart set on teutonia spirit as it's supposed to be great for walking country roads and I love the look of it. Then someone suggested I should go for a buggy that can be converted to double if I plan on having more than one baby (which I do) Should I compromise on buggy I really want? I would love another baby within two years but I find it so hard to plan that far ahead as it took quite a while to get pregnant this time. I've looked at baby jogger city select but for some reason I just don't like the look of it as a single buggy (to me it looks very wide) What do ye think? Any of ye pregnant on baby one and thinking of getting buggy that will convert?
Duffers Posts: 1841
We got the double when expecting our 1st as we knew we would be hoping to have another baby fairly soon (which thankfully happened). If you're gonna wait a while or if ye run into difficulties Id say go with the one you actually want but no harm in researching doubles before you decide. Then again, buggy styles change so often. Best of luck! (and congrats!)
Daff Posts: 11644
we'd no intention of having more quickly so went for the Quinny. Fast forward 17 months and I'm due or second in a few weeks :-8 so we had to buy a double buggy. Worked out fine though cause the double buggy I want doesn't work as a single. I want/need side by side as DD flat out refuses to go in a tandem and have to assum there's a chance this LO wouldn't either so would be pointless. Don't worry too much about it, yes it's extra cost but don't forget you can sell on the second buggy and get money back. We'll do that once LO grows out of pram part in a few months and should make the money back that we spend on the double buggy.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
DH & I considered it as we would hope to have no.2 fairly soon after no.1 but I am only looking at the singles now. The way I look at it is I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I kindof don't want to tempt fate. We conceived very easily this time but you never know how it will go for us the next time out. I will be over 35 by then. As well as that, any of the doubles I've seen are pretty heavy yokes and whatever about not being able to get out of the house with 2 I'd like to be able to get out of the house with the first! I think if I got the first beyond pram phase I'll get a lighter double stroller rather than depending on an expensive travel system. But as I said I'll deal with it when I need to.
Mammy nua Posts: 241
I went with the uppa baby vista for this exact reason. My sister and friend both had to buy a second buggy because they had 2nd child close in age and ideally its what me and DH would like to happen with us. All going well. If we dont happen to have 2nd baby close i dont mind cause i really like the buggy. You can buy a piggy back step for it too if your child is 3/4 when the next comes along. Really happy with my choice. Good luck with your decision.
sunny1 Posts: 995
Thanks so much girls for replies! Dueinaugust did you find that the baby shops didint seem to know much about converting uppababy into double. Is it a new development with the vista?
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
We had a Quinny for DS1 that cost us around €900 & had to sell it when DS2 arrived & only got €350 back on it. We kept the car seat & the base so didn't do too badly on it I suppose. Got the P&T Vibe and I'm only sorry I didn't buy it the first time round. Obviously, it would've been a cheaper process, but it's a much better buggy. It's actually narrower than the Quinny was & is lighter to lift in & out of the car, 3 pumped up tyres make it much easier to push and the shopping basket must be 3 times the size of the Quinny! There's a carrycot attachment for it to use in single mode so it would've been just like our Quinny. It can easily be used in single mode so doesn't have the 'look' of a double buggy. It's a personal decision, but I just don't believe that buying a double buggy for your 1st baby can tempt any sort of fate!
Mammy nua Posts: 241
the uppa baby is new to ireland so most shops dont stock it or didnt have the second seat to see. I based my research online and on US sites. if you want to see how it works look it up on youtube. there are loads of videos on it. I really fell in love with it in the shop. it was more expensive than we had planned to spend but we justified it by sayin it will save us in the long run :o0 The basinette is fab. much nicer than any other i've seen. We're going to use it during the day for naps instead of buying a moses basket. baby going straight into cot. Its a big decision so make sure you are fully happy with your decision. I should have mine in use in the next 8 weeks please god so if you have any questions feel free to pm me.
aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
Hey girls I'm thinking like ye! Due my first in December and thinking we'll be trying for 2nd close enough please god! O:o) So looking for a double buggy which doesn't look like a double buggy to begin with. Am loving the babyjogger city select, starting off with a bassinet, then changing to the stroller seat. The reason I love this is because there are 16 options with it, can use with with stroller seat & car seat, 2 stroller seats that face each other or both look out and I love this as feel with other buggies, one child is stuck at the back and sees nothing. It seems lightweight aswell considering its a double buggy! Im interested in the uppababy vista stroller after reading the post although think it will be hard to draw me from city select!!!!! Good luck with all yer choices!!!! It's a minefield !!! :yelrotflmaosmilie:
aglorgleanbh Posts: 103
Can't seem to see any demonstrations of the uppababy vista stroller as a double buggy ?? O:| Roughly what price range is this buggy?? Thanks :thnk