Anyone have spotting at 4 weeks and have a successful pregna

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honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Hi girls just wondering if any of you had spotting at four weeks and still had a successful pregnancy. My story so far I have a 21 month ds, tg, we started ttcing for no 2 last August had a mc in August and another one in January. I was spotting throughout my cycle as well. I attended the Napro clinic and last cycle I took 50mg of clomid for five days. Got my bfp 13dpo. Started spotting 14dpo but the test line was much stronger on the fr tests, as dark as the control ine. on a digital clear blue test yesterday it was pregnant 1-2 weeks. I spotted till lunch time yesterday. Then this morning spotting again but the test is darker than the control line and the clear blue test is saying pregnant 2-3 weeks (15dpo). So going by the tests the hcg hormone is increasing on my last two mc's the lines had disappeared before bleeding started and the clearblue was saying not pregnant. All the mc's were very early at 5 weeks and I never had pregnant 2-3 weeks on a clear blue for any of them. What do you think girls is there any positive stories out there.
Idina Posts: 1289
Yes, I did. I was seen in the early preg unit and then by my own consultant from 5 weeks who put me on cyclogest. They couldn't see anything until 7 weeks but I am now 26 weeks and all is going weel Thank God.
blondie77 Posts: 217
HI Idina Can i ask were you on cyclogest for all of your pregnancy? THanks
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Thanks Idina that is great to hear I am on the cyclogest now too. Blondie77 I got it from my dr at the Napro clinic.
Idina Posts: 1289
Hi, I came off at 14 weeks but the prog levels dropped a little so I was put back on it and will be on it until 30 weeks. HTH
curliwurli Posts: 3369
I had spotting at 4 weeks(this is what first alerted me to the fact I might be pg!!) and again at 8 weeks and Lo is still hanging in there :) I wasn't on anything though so not sure if it's relevant. hope you're ok apart from the worrying :action32
honeymoonbaby Posts: 896
Thanks curly wurly pg that is all it is. I am feeling hopeful as the tests are getting stronger
Idina Posts: 1289
Just so you know HCG levels start to drop around 8 weeks or so (I didn't know this until this preg as I wasn't having levels monitored the last time!)
fifibelle Posts: 4447
I had spotting at 5wks+3days. Scan showed pregnancy was there but no heartbeat - repeat scan at 6wks+3days and little beans heart fluttering away. Am just 28 weeks now and all going well please god.
gillette Posts: 1803
God, Fifibelle, that week in between scans must have been awful.