Anyone not living together yet??

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ellablue Posts: 148
Have been with h2b 11 years in jan ( going out since school) and we are getting wed in April..We are not living together yet, we are building a house which hopefully will be ready by wedding!!! Lived with him for one year when we were in oz and one year when we decided to get a flat in dublin few years back but havent lived with him for 5 years now! of course we see each other all the time but still a bit nervous about it.. know him so well and we are really looking forward , dont get me wrong... just curious if im the only one!!! EB
soulful Posts: 1697
Hi no you are not the only one! Ive been going out with my fiance for 8 years and we like you, we lived together for a little while but havent lived together in 4 years! We are getting married in september 09. We have a 6 year old son together! And like you Im a little nervous about living with him too! He's great and all that but I will have to get used to the dirty clothes and his habits. Up until now I could just go home and close the door on his little 'ways' but now I guess we will just have to learn to live together! He's very good though and I'm sure I'll have him house trained in no time at all! :o0[img:1t8py662];10716;95/st/20090924/e/Our+Wedding/k/d992/event.png[/img:1t8py662]
april2010 Posts: 344
Hey im getting married in 2010 and ive been with my h2b for 4 years, we lived in edinburgh for a year and then when we travelled in OZ but as of yet we have no house and prob wont by the wedding, we will rent id say coming up to the wedding so we have somewhere to come back to on our own. but to be honest im sooo excited bout it
gwumpy Posts: 182
I'm with H2B over 8 years and we're getting married on our 9th anniversary!! We don't live together - never have!! We do the "sleepovers" alright :o0 :o0 Am soooooooooooo looking forward to living with him :-8
nomla Posts: 787
hiya Known H2B 9 yrs we'll be officially together this time 3 yrs and we don;t live together. We started looking for planning permission a year and a half ago and still no joy. We can't afford to pay rent when saving for a house and a wedding so we both live at home. Don;t know when to start renting. H2B thinks May; but then we are paying rent for a month when we are on honeymoon and that is a waste of money. We'll have to see but some the end of June we will definitely be living together. :o)ll My only little thing is that I can;t sleep when he's near me I nearly am falling off the bed to get space whereas he loves to sleep all wrapped up; do you just get used to that? or am i going ot have serious bags underm y eyes??
frankensteins wife Posts: 1838
We will be together 9 years on New Years Eve and are getting married in June. We are still not living together - athough we are getting there !! We are in the middle of building a house. It took us nearly 2 and a half years to get planning permission - we thought that by this stage we would be well settled into the house- but sure it doesnt really matter ! We are both still living at home with our parents - we did consider rent, but we were saving and then paying rent is dead money. He practically lives in my house anyway. Cant wait til we are finally living together :lvs
soulful Posts: 1697
The thing is that my fiance snores like crazy and makes so much noise! I cannot bear to try and sleep near him. The bed is fine for a while and when it comes down to sleeping I always make for another room! It will be very interesting when we live together. Although I know married couples that don't sleep together, they meet on the landing for a bit of 'hows your father' and then they sleep seperately! funny I know! :o0