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searchingforBFP Posts: 111
Hi all, I m 9 weeks tomorrow and between the hormones making me like an anti christ to crying over the least thing to losing my mind....I really dont know what I am like! I am nauseous for the last 2 week with ms....but not actually vomiting tmi sorry. I am bent over the toilet and my stomach is retching....its horrible. I have my first scan on Feb 23rd, which is my 13th week. I am so nervous...maybe this is normal but I keep thinking can I wait that long....maybe I should go and get one done in blackrock and at least I will know. I am afraid I will be told there is nothing there....or it hasnt developed past a certain week etc...anyone else feel like this?? My friend passed her 12 th week last week and announced her pregnancy.....but hasnt had her scan yet. Are you announcing without having a scan done? Sorry about all the qs girls.......
red_rubies Posts: 2424
I'm in the same situation! I will be in my 14th week when I finally have my scan. I was worried about this but when I talked to my mother about it, she told me not to be silly! She said years ago, they never had early scans & you wouldn't have gotten one anyway. People waited until the 12 week mark to tell because the likelyhood of having a miscarriage is lower. Obviously, things can still go wrong, but I guess you have to hope that it won't. Things can still go wrong after a scan - even though I know it's reassuring to hear the heartbeat. I plan to start telling people around the 12 week mark & please God, my scan will go well.
lisa Posts: 1612
I think most of us felt that way. Its hard waiting. I went for private scan at 10 weeks as i couldnt wait until 14 weeks for 1st scan. Told people around the 11 week mark. As for telling people at 12 weeks, if your scan is a week later why not wait until you've had it! You've kept it a secret this long, whats one more week. I can honestly say the first 11 weeks went so fast but since I broke the news the time is going so slow!!
kopbabe Posts: 453
im 11 weeks pregnant and still no sign of scan which is very frustrating. rang mr dr just to get a date at least but he said i have to wait on consultants app so god knows when il get it!!! in saying that alot of people already know but il go public when im 12 weeks! :wv
MaltaMammy Posts: 853
Searchingforbfp I was really anxious before my first scan too, it's perfectly normal, it's just the fear of the unknown. I had really bad morning sickness amongst other problems and I was so worried that there was going to be something wrong with the baby but it was just an irrational fear. Your first scan will be absolutely fine so try not to worry about it. It's all really very straightforward, they will ask you some questions about you and your family's medical history, they will take blood, check your blood pressure, you will have to give a urine sample and the best part of all which makes it all worthwhile, the scan. Hope that helps you a bit!
sunnygirl Posts: 1876
if you can spare 120 euro or so I would go and book a private scan for your own peace of mind. I'm not due my first consultant scan until 22 weeks, I think I get a mini-scan when I see my consultant at 16 weeks. But that's way too long for me to last! I've booked once for when I'm 8 weeks 4 days and then all going well i'll book another one around the 12 week mark and then announce my good news!!!!
babydust Posts: 124
I understand..I am the same... I'm 9 weeks next Monday..haven't told my parents or anyone yet... it's so hard at the start but then you kind of forget at times..I can't wait to tell them! Not sure when to do it? I am not sure about my scan yet, haven't heard anything from the doctors, they said between 12 and 16 weeks though!! I am anxious too about the scan but you wouldn't be normal if you weren't. I am getting nausea too, it sucks but so lucky not getting sick!
kopbabe Posts: 453
yea was thinking of getting a private one but im in monaghan/cavan. think the closest is probably dublin. if anyone knows otherwise please let me know!! :wv :wv
Faithful Nite Posts: 859
I was a nervous wreck! Didn't have my scan until I was 14 weeks on the 23/12. I was so bad that I had my blood presure sky high. I was just so anxious and nervous about it. Thankfully the blood pressure has returned to normal now.
einstein Posts: 485
Hi searchingforBFP, I feel your pain! I was in the exact same situation, in fact I had no MS, no tireness etc.... I was really begining to worry. So we went for a private scan yesterday. I was nearly crying walking into the room, (so nervous) but within a couple of minutes all my worries were lifted. We got to see our little baby!! I would recommend you get a scan if you can as it is so reassuring. I'm on cloud nine today. I understand Im only 10 weeks but I'm going to think positive and hope everything goes to plan.... Best of luck. No point in me telling you not to worry as its impossible until you see the little one.... You could get a scan within a couple of days. There is a place in Swords, Blackrock, Blanchardstown and city centre. Not sure about the rest of the country. Let us know how you get on....